Getting back in, need clan

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I've recently been getting back into NS, been playing since 2.0 came out and stopped about 1 year go, not a full year, but close.

I'm 17 (as of the 11th of Dec) and live smack dab in the middle of the United States (southern border of Nebraska)
My firing as good as I used to be, but I still have my strategies from before.
Not the best come, neither the fastest when someone needs ammo/meds
(could call me a scout depending on the maps lol)

I'm just looking for a good clan that puts team work and fun as the higher priorities.
I'm not on for NS everyday, but can be on certain/required days if need be. Reason, I'm in a different clan for a different game (America's Army) asrifle.gif
I am on Xfire when ever I'm on my pc, which is nearly every day after school unless something like a holiday or family thing comes up, you all understand.

Note: If you don't like my ping jumping to 150, please understand, I'm not the only one in my house that uses the internet, all we have is a 1.5 meg connection (And don't even start saying to get a faster connection just for games! That is my biggest annoyment with people in games)

Any other uestion, just as or add me on xfire (please tell me you are from the forum otherwise I will block you immediately do to people asking me to join their clan for America's army when they know I already have a clan.) (drives me batty/ lerk.gif


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    Go to and post a recruitment on the forums.
    If you have irc go to the following channels in
    and ask to join a team

    Good luck in the competitive scene
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    I'm not looking for a clan to be competitive.

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    You could try Alpha Gaming, but we've only got a few american players, most of us are from Euro.

    Tag : ag.ns !
    Members : 13
    www : (Website being redesigned, visit the forums)

    Requirements are:
    - An registered account.
    - A good attitude.
    - Being able to play as a team.

    Just send a private message to a Council Member(Vortex or Army Duck), and he'll sort it out.
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    I don't see any problems there, I used to be in a clan where most of the members were in Europe too (Sadly i was the only one in America lol)

    I have now got a clan, so I do not need anymore people asking, Thanks.
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