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TPG (The Proving Grounds) is a league known to the Day of Defeat community and source community. TPG has been around for awhile and is considered the 2nd top dod league (only to CAL) We are now looking foward to trying other games. We plan to have the NS division started by January. Please check out our site , sign up on the forums and give us some feedback! We are taking suggestions from the community so we have a good league that the community will like. We will have the rules and everything set up soon so clans can begin signing up and get ready for some compitetion. So far we are thinking on doing defualt night on Thursdays 8pm CST. Once again check out our forums and give us feedback on how we can make this a good league for NS like we have for DoD.

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    <!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->All players must use -

    * <b>Default sounds, sprites, and map models</b>
    * Default player models
    * Default weapon models
    If I may ask, how do you plan on enforcing that?
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    I may be wrong, but isn't that included in mp_consistency 1?
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    Some are, a lot aren't.
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    We are looking into plugins atm.

    Team's are now able to join and get things set up.

    Someone stated that they don't need another league that it would create a split. I'm sorry to say to that person but your are not thinking clearly. Look at it as a guarnteed scrim or warm up match for ansl if you have to. Many clans in DoD play in 3 or 4 leagues. 2 leagues for NS wont be a hinder. It would be benifical because it'll be a place for more clans to get in compitive play and like I stated before it's another guarnteed match for your team. More games you get in b4 your ANSL match the better right?

    What do you guys think about also doing a combat league?
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    I think it seems like a great idea! I just have to point out though, that all NS leagues at the moment allow custom (or blank) soundfiles, map sprites and i.e. crosshair sprites (basically the sprites and sounds that aren't covered by mp_consistency 1).

    It's a great idea and I hope you do well.
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    Like I said in the first post we are taking suggestions from the community. I know when I played ns league back in the day when I was 3 years old it was kinda lenient on those things so we could be as well I don't see a major problem with that.
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    what part of the world is this for?
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    Teams can now join up. Go to the site, click on Join TPG then create your team. Once created your members can join TPG, then click on Join team , find the team name or team id # and put in the team password. If you need help just pm me on here or my xfire is hypnoticjester and I'm in irc #tpg_league
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    ANSL has announced they will be changint styles to an ongoing format, no more seasons. TPG will still be doing the seasons with playoffs and breaks inbetween. We need teams to sign up , the sooner the better and the quicker we can get things started.
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