why silence

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na then your not ambushing right real ambusher get in place well before a target is even looking at tehr dot to be a suspected foe,

silence is great for stalking, if you make a sound while keeping that close to a rines tail but keeping the level or map between you and him, dont keep consistant movement up know your level, think like a bug know from where you are your next hideing location, rapidly move there as fast as you can, the moment your even remotely close but still hidden stop dead count in your head a bit if you have to i dont belive slow turning motions you i could be wrong but acess your enviroment look learn and know your next point cheack for danger and then rapidly move with the greatest of haste to that location, again pray rine isnt looking behind in has his max map open or you get to clsoe as to be on his mini map, now alot of those thigns i jstu said are fine usaly if he spots you on two your covre is blown as they wil more than likely come back to get you

but seeing a circle for one second before it fades is just going to piss you off seing a dot apear disapear on a max map if you just happen to be looking at it in that area for the second it moves, and unless hes gaseing at his mini map which i dont belive is there if he has max map open his eye will catch the dot he will go to look up but more than likely your already gone

utalise leap and shift to land on walls cycle five seconds add a extra 3 ish if your unsure of if a negative raction that could put you introuble

remeber if a negative reaction does happen or you know it has happened, even two rines are going to be skeatchie as to where you are, remeber that if you shift walk creep around motion wont nab you if you leap from the ground to the roofish courner and you hear a negative change in the rines EG they start heading back towards you, you can shift walk down the wall, hes going to come with in nice ambush range, now he will be frosty, but hes not going to exspect you to be on the ground

and yes motion isnt really sucessful in close quatars so when you use bug like movment to stalk your pray and you get in to mini map range and he doesnt come back to see where that dot was with a steatchie recalection, the moment you hear a posative sound, EG him moveing on moveing past you puting his back back towards you, your more than likely one leap away from being behind a rine

you other option is to get close enough to ambush stop wait for others to come as others come in, note they havent had you on motion for a good time now there calas and minds are dull bored and desensatised to your presence, of course there going to turn to shoot your loud mate Bhoping kamakazie towards them
you you rapidly jump out cos right now they are proly faceing away from you, there reflexs on that motion when your proly a tiny dot on the mini map will allow you to capitalise your now a silence deadly exspose blender in the anckles of X amount of rines who have just killed there mate, you know those rines with a little less ammo, some reloading yep you know those ones that reload strait after i afight cos they think its clear, your only give away to them might be ther buddy shudering as he takes damage there misstack could cost them the lives of two other buddies that where on the ball

silence is golden it has uses thru out the entire game, takeing down res node... cough it used to cough cough
nothing better than a silence sulk chomping and a second silence sulk ready to ambush, bile bombing structures mid chaos, unless they are purely looking or going for you, lurks silence is a huge huge ability it allows you to stay hidden in vents for longer with out rine clueing onto you and nadeing the vents it allows you to get off the much needed umbra before haveing to book it and when you do book it that rines purely going to have to relie on a laggy motion hes not going to know you have taken off until it reguisters in his brain, silence allows a lurk to get the spore off into rine and them not even realsie meaning a few extra seconds of DOT damage, alot of people cant handle to much information, you get a fade running around a couple of sulk as they see a gorgie, there brain is going to try and process all that and give it a priority list
or dagner threat and or needs to die, if they are suddenly standing in a gas cloud where htey have no idea where it came from how long its been there, there brain turns to mush crashes and a fight or flee responce is activated they are ether going ot run like panzys, stand in the gas shocked or they are going to rush blindly into hte unknown to kill god knows how many knowns

this is where silence now again capitalise's, if they run like panzys ignore them the desired effect has been achived you have pushed them back, if thye are shocked put a few silence bites into them, nothing to stop you of slow you down them drop another spore, why another spore to throw off rines they will more than likeing think your still in the vent as the yare not looking back the yare looking forwards any that are looking back have just unleashed the gas will kill the near dead rine still trying to target you as hes brin reboots and the gass will stop the panzy rine from rushing back in
if any other rine turn cos they hear the tail end trying to unleash on you they are not going to know where you are, in this split second umbra down and fly into the fray yes your running out of energy but at this point the unknown usaly contains more aliens and healing and MC's so yo ucan ether bleed your energy dry and stay up high biteing faces or you can anckle bite with the rest of the sulk only flying to gain speed to keep your target in base contact

dont even get me started on fade with silence they almost dont need celerity even with the new changes if you just got ahead of your target you woudnt have to make two passes to try and kil the one rine or one pass and try and get out alive, the only time aliens should be consistantly moveing to where motion become in rine favor is in and at full team work locations, huge fights, huge defence fight EG hive, and huge offence EG MS killing, the mass number and frantic action will be enough that motion only plays a tiny roll in rines knowing where a alien is, but even here silence can be handy

and we all know the perc of tippy toeing rhino not even the com can track you unless he knows a onos exsact movement speed and or paterns, hide amungst a bunch of dots them run around like a gorge for a few seconds com will have no idea where you are silent charge, death from gore out of no where

silence in useful medium to end game you just need to learnt to adjust your play style to make it more effective late game, but yes granted before rines get motion silence is the shiznic and should be used to the full advantage of any res ######, oh and your a idiot for going fade if you have silence already upgraded know full well your fade play style is hindered by silence in about a minute when rines get motion, type /kill or go suisidal then finda nice safe place then fade
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    I'll sum up his post through my own words. Why silence? Because your silent. Three simple words instead of 10 paragraphs with spelling errors galore and a general pain to read. Sir, I command you to do back to school and get into an English class immediately.

    Also MLA format.
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    QUOTE(DuoGodOfDeath @ Dec 21 2006, 05:32 PM) »

    do back to school

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    Give me crosshairs for 3.1 quickly.
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    QUOTE(DuoGodOfDeath @ Dec 21 2006, 06:32 PM) »

    I'll sum up his post through my own words. Why silence? Because your silent. Three simple words instead of 10 paragraphs with spelling errors galore and a general pain to read. Sir, I command you to do back to school and get into an English class immediately.

    Also MLA format.

    Nah APA Style is more effective.
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    Wouldn't it be nice if silence blocked MT tounge.gif
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    anti-de-counter eh?
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    SC is MT counter, MT is MC counter.

    And lets not waste someones post on spelling. Not the entire world is english, myself included, so we should all be glad most players know enought english to be understood.

    And back to topic, I am more a speed person on kharaa, but yes.. in certain "missions" silence has its advantage
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    Now I'm back in "the game" as it were, the only time I use silence is for either lightning attacks, working with cloaking for the ultimate "WTHBBQHAX" effect, and chewing res as a skulk with the added confusion of the marines need to actually look at their maps to find the node under attack. And even then, I've usually got cloaking as well, so I just vanish *omgninjahax*
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    QUOTE(DC_Darkling @ Jan 4 2007, 11:27 AM) »

    SC is MT counter, MT is MC counter.

    And lets not waste someones post on spelling. Not the entire world is english, myself included, so we should all be glad most players know enought english to be understood.

    And back to topic, I am more a speed person on kharaa, but yes.. in certain "missions" silence has its advantage
    And obs is the SC counter.

    Having permanent counters makes the game no fun. There should at least be a chance of success. If you block MT with silence, it's actually viable later on. The onos and fades will still get celerity.
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    silence works well with the lifeless, game only, pro asians very well in the early games. it is totally worthless when mt comes up.
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    whysilence becausesilenceroxx
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    Because players that play with high volume on their Speakers/headset get scared when they suddenly hear the bitehit sound. This is called "The element of surprise" which is very useful!
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    Because I'm stupid and can't skulk but like to bunnyhop at people from behind and get kills.
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    No, he's serious, I've heard him say it many times.
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    Silence is one of my personal favorites. It can't avoid MT, but if you don't move and wait for a marine to walk by, unless he happens to spin around and see you, he's screwed. It also works well with celerity. Speed to make sure he doesn't turn around before you've bit him twice is always a good thing.
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    One skulk bite and a marine will jump back and shoot you. If your silent on the other hand the skulk can usually get in 2 bites or a kill =)
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    Unless they hack of course...

    Silence is usually my very first upgrade in combat before lvl1 hive ability, adren, or saving for lerk or focus.

    In NS maps I'm usually a gorge or lerk early on so not that much unless the game just started I'm a skulk and our first chamber is a MC. I would get silence as a lerk but adrenaline is too essential.
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    If you are gonna' take Silence, take cloaking and carapace.

    This way, the enemy cant see, hear, and if you do get shot, you have armor to fight!

    This set up is only good at the start of the game. If you venture to the end of the game, when the rines have HA, get Celerity Focus Carapace biggrin-fix.gif

    Peace out.

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  • AurenAuren Members Join Date: 2007-03-09 Member: 60303Posts: 7
    Perhaps. But What I've found is that a Silent Skulk bounding all over the place is devestating to marines who don't expect a skulk to be on their ######.

    On CO maps, on the other hand, celerity is almost an all important upgrade for early game, that way you can close the range even more quickly, take less damage, and then hopefully take names.
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    I've always found celerity to be the better choice, at least until hive 2 when you have leap. For NS maps you want to be able to move around as quickly as possible.

    For CO I've found that silence is not as useful as celer because most rines are on their guard and in big groups anyway so chances are they are looking around and will see you. Crouch walk works well enough for me to stick with celer. In CO I usually get selence as the last upgrade.
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    Silence Lerk is really great in the new version since the ground speed got boosted.
  • StixNStonzStixNStonz Members, Reinforced - Shadow Join Date: 2006-11-06 Member: 58439Posts: 1,185 Fully active user
    MT does significantly reduce the effect of silence, but in no way completely ruins it.

    Anytime there are a group of marines together doing ANYTHING making noise, if you can make it to them, you can often take out numerous guys before anyone shoots.

    Without silence, the instant you bite, everyone turns and smokes you. Consider the HA rush; there's almost always someone welding or shooting. Its in these scenarios that marines often dont even notice themselves getting hit, and noone else covers them, because they rely on the bite sound to warn them of friends in trouble. And regardless of if MT shows the alien coming, theres often dozens of aliens coming, and you can easily run up through a vent without anyone noticing.
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    On pubs MT has a very little effect on silence because pubbers, at least in my view, never bother to look at their minimap. So by the time they realize theres an alien near him its already biting him down.
  • CheeseCheese Lork on the Clorf Members, Constellation Join Date: 2003-12-15 Member: 24396Posts: 931
    MT can break the neck of unexperienced Marines since they think they will see everything through MT and noone will use Silence any longer.
    However these players do not check their minimap as much as they should which turns them into perfect victims for Silence. Especially if you attack-->move out of the room and attack again as soon as they turn around tu run. They turn around since they walk faster that way and because they think they are going to hear you as soon as you chase after them...well good old silence. This works great in combination with focus wink-fix.gif
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    I love scilence, because I can't really fade or onos too well, silence skulks are the best. When MT goes up its actually kinda hard because people usually see the little orange dot coming at them from the minimap at the top. I love maps with plenty of vents and silence, because they are a delicious combo for aliens, especially on pubs with all their rambo's tounge.gif
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    QUOTE(milosis @ Dec 20 2006, 07:44 PM) »

    There are a grand total of 3 periods in that post. But theyre all used together in an ELLIPSE.

    ROFL, and I don't even know what an 'ELLIPSE is, but I can guess..

    Movement Chambers in NS are most useful if built in higher locations. I hate this trend of players wasting TEAM RESOURCES' by ammasing movment chambers at the base of the 1st hive. In the event of a marine rush, they become a weakness. By placing them in tactical offensive areas in the map (outside of start location), your giving your team the chance to expand beyond even proposed hive location 'b', without dooming themselves to being fragged.

    For the lamen, I will explain. E.g., NS_Veil; Hive 'a' is Pipe Line, and between overlook, and west skylights there is a conduit, where a chamber can be placed. If somone placed a 'MC' there, forces they'd have strayed in combat, or 'node hunters' can easily transport back to hive if she is 'under attack' or if they need healing.
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