Map specific FPS drops.

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Okey so whenever i load a map, my fps meter shows a nice scrollin between 100-99. But once i start moving on the map, it begins to drop down. Varying on where i move, it descends a different figure. But it always goes down to different number... Aka instead of scrolling at 100-99, its scrolling 49-50 etc. Every map seems to have different scaling, so i tested them all by jumping around them all, here are the results.

1) ns_eon 80fps
2) ns_lucid 70fps
3) ns_metal 70fps
4) ns_caged 50fps (30fps in gene hive)
5) co_sava 80fps
6) co_angst 80fps
7) ns_hera 50fps
8) ns_lost 80fps
9) ns_machina 70fps
10) ns_nothing 70fps
11) co_niveus 70fps
12) co_faceoff 80fps
13) co_daimos 90fps
14) ns_bast 50fps
15) ns_origin 80fps
16) co_kestrel 90fps
17) ns_tanith 60fps
18) co_umbra 60fps
19) ns_nancy 60fps
20) ns_veil 50fps
21) ns_prometheus 50fps
22) co_core 80fps
23) co_ulysses 90fps
24) ns_eclipse 50fps
25) co_pulse 80fps
26) ns_ayumi 60fps
27) ns_altair 60fps

Now if i play a round on a pub, and the server is running veil for example, i start of at 100fps, then it keeps scaling down, ending up at ~50fps and staying capped there. Untill the round ends, then it actually jumps back to 100fps and starts all over again. Altho in readyroom i dont seem to be getting any fps drops(yay).

For those wondering, my computer specs are;
1,8Ghz Duron(dont ask)
1gb memory
GeForce 6600 GT 128mb

I didnt have this bad fps drops in 3.1, this started to occur as heavily as this only when i play 3.2. So yeah, any ideas? :/


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    I had this problem as well when I played at 1024 resolution. It seemed like whenver I looked at a structure, my FPS would cut perfectly in half. Fixed it when I switched to 800 resolution.
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    i have this to, i try to avoid those maps/area's - although my pc should handle ns easily <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad-fix.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":(" border="0" alt="sad-fix.gif" /> , i think i have to upgrade when i start being active again
    My: Low fps area's
    co_daimos : shocky as hell
    ns_metal : surface hive
    some new maps like machina, HUGE marinestart for example :<
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    I have the feeling ive got the same problem too

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    I also have this problem with almost exact specs as yourself (just add 24ghz proc. and you're the same) and I'm not quite sure what it boils down to.

    R_Speeds are consistent in the levels in which FPS do drop and they aren't really over the limit. I've noticed e_poly to be consistantly <i>higher</i> in maps with more significant drops. All I can think of is that levels have been compiled without a Full VIS or there is an odd problem with the Geforce 6600 GT and NS 3.2.
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