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<div class="IPBDescription">WOW!! I dind't know that I got so good imagination!</div><b>Here is 3 ideas I came up with:</b>
U see the dynamic effect happening when entering the buggy or airboat in HL2? It would be cool if that effect happened when getting eaten by the onos, or when spawning out of the hive!

The lasers the marines had in the 1.0 trailer would be cool to have ingame and let em fade out after a big distance.

Alarms! Having a type of laser mine wich instead of blowing, it sends warnings the comm and marines if a alien distract the laser, showing wich alarm wich went off to! (Marines can only carry 1 or 2 at time)


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    Firstly, one idea per thread. Read the rules.

    First idea is a good cosmetic change although i dont see how it can be used in onos devouring.

    second idea is not feasible. it would be easy for aliens to detect marines with the lasers. And it would cause some serious lag issues.

    the third idea is redundant in my opinion. Id rather have something to blow aliens up rather than detect them. And it causes the issue of are they placed there forever or can they be destroyed? and if u want to detect aliens, get MT or use scan.
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    Sorry, dind't see the "One idea per topic" rule. Im really sorry. Now I know that to next time!

    Badmouth, that 'bout the devoring, it could be used when a onos swallow u, but instead of the suddenly dissaperence of the marine then all he sees is the onos stomach, the marine sees hes being eaten then the fade out effect then he sees the inside of the onos. And for the alarm, it can be destroyed. It could be used in hive areas, so the marines detects when the aliens starts to hive there, 'caus of the mt dont show if the aliens is there. And for the lasers, it could be like in the trailer just marines sees them, with their helmet and stuff. And for the hive thingy, I got that from experiencing with noclipping, then I used the noclip to play like I got spawnend out of the hive...
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