Lost Constellation Status?

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Is it possible to retain your lost Constellation Status?

QUOTE(Marik_Steele @ Nov 4 2006, 11:09 AM) »

YES, it is possible.

Currently, the easiest way to solve this, or any similar Constellation status issues, is to email [email protected] with the exact profile name and any proof of payment.

Understand that each of these cases requires a bit of detective work by hand, so response times aren't guaranteed. You can make it easier for both of us by including any and all information you think would be relevant.
If the real root of your Constellation status problem is that you can't log in to your Constellation account (forgot password & can't receive emails, such as password reminder emails, at the old address) then you should instead fill out the Lost Account request form at http://www.unknownworlds.com/ns/?action=lost_account_request
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