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Rules and layout of matches
Have their been any official thoughts posted on the rules and layout of NS matches? I am building a team however am unsure as to how our server should be operated in a match, for example:

Time limits, score limits, do the games just go on till someone wins?

Players per side?

I assume matches would be played on one map, each team playing both sides?


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    It all looks pretty well arranged - 3 rounds per map, best 2 out of 3. Due to the time needed for a game though, I think it will have to be generally agreed to which team to play. It would take all friggin night to swap out and let each clan try both teams. Arranging 2 matches per clan would be an alternative but would again add to the time needed and make it like 2 matches per week etc. Ask STA if they plan on hosting it like they do with DoD, TFC and CS. asrifle.gif
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    By 3 rounds per map do you mean play until a side, repeat until 3 losses have happened? That seems like it could take an awful long time, though it could be over in 10 minutes with a few skulk rushes :/
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    You can't really control, a map change while a game in prog, players per side. And there shouldn't be any frag limit.

    Other than that I'm not sure what you're asking. A match is a match, unless it's an offical match or league. But if the game is over, that's IT.
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    I'd recommend running a timer, 2 rounds, same map, switch teams between rounds. If a team wins both rounds, they win. If both teams win a round, then it follows that they both won from the same race, so I believe that whoever won fastest should get the tie-breaker.
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    Having a timer is pretty useless, its always possible for the last skulk alive to hide in a obscure vent cloaked and sit out the time. This artificially favorrs the aliens.

    Just have a draw. Win = 3pts Lose = 0pts Draw = 1pt
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    For those who weren't quite sure what I'm talking about I'm referring to playing NS in a clan match situation running tournament mode rather than on a public server.

    Are the team scores on the scoreboard relevant at all or should I forget them as a way of deciding a tie?

    Deciding ties on time taken to win would certainly promote harder faster games which would be a good thing IMHO.

    Noone has yet commented on the players per side issue, I'm currently under the impression 6-8 would be a good number but it's hard to tell.
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    yaah.. someone should get a NSclanwar4dummies guide smile.gif
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    Read the news. Rules coming soon.
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    Cool thanks, I will wait for the CAL rules I think. Can't say I've ever looked at CAL as we can't compete in it due to being thousands of miles from anywhere else ans having ridiculous pings to the rest of the world sad.gif
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    i think it should be 2 rounds, round one team A is alien, round 2 team A is marine.

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    Or alternately it could be played where one clan picks the map (from a specified listed of approved maps) and the other clan chooses which side to play. 1 round, winner takes all for as long as it lasts. Kinda like a duel format.
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