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<div class="IPBDescription">European Natural Selection League</div><a href="http://ensl.zanith.nl" target="_blank">European Natural Selection League</a> - <b>#ensl</b> on <a href="http://www.quakenet.org" target="_blank">Quakenet</a>.

ENSL is a league in which European and American clans can compete in league-fashion for 5-7 weeks. Full structure and rules can be found <a href="http://ensl.zanith.nl/index.php?view=ensl_rules" target="_blank">here</a>. Some of the matches (mainly Semi-Finals and Finals) will be shoutcasted and most matches will have predictions posted on the news page. Also by registering anyone can predict matches on their own and check one's ranking.

In addition to the vanilla NS league, there's also a combat Ladder running on the background. Combat matches will be played 3on3 so its relatively easy for anyone to join in. Teams can challenge other teams and play against them any time. Teams are not required to play in pre-decided time frames so the Combat Ladder is a good opportunity to get a taste of competitive game without going too serious.

The #ensl channel also hosts European gathers (aka. pugs). The idea is that 12 players join a gather, after which a competitive, 1-map match is played; it takes about an hour. Gathers are the best way to get into the competitive scene or try what it is actually like. If you are interested, read the <a href="http://ensl.zanith.nl/index.php?view=articles/irc" target="_blank">IRC Guide</a> to join the channel if you are not familiar with IRC, join #ensl on Quakenet and <a href="http://ensl.zanith.nl/index.php?view=gather" target="_blank">read the instructions</a>.

The whole site has been upgraded just before the Season Five and now it hosts guides for <a href="http://ensl.zanith.nl/index.php?view=articles/lerking" target="_blank">Lerk</a>, <a href="http://ensl.zanith.nl/index.php?view=articles/fading" target="_blank">Fade</a>, <a href="http://ensl.zanith.nl/index.php?view=articles/skulking" target="_blank">Skulk</a>, <a href="http://ensl.zanith.nl/index.php?view=articles/gorging" target="_blank">Gorge</a>, <a href="http://ensl.zanith.nl/index.php?view=articles/commander" target="_blank">Commanding</a>, <a href="http://ensl.zanith.nl/index.php?view=articles/commander" target="_blank">Bhopping</a>, <a href="http://ensl.zanith.nl/index.php?view=articles/rates" target="_blank">Rates</a> and a few others. The site hosts also <a href="http://ensl.zanith.nl/index.php?view=demos" target="_blank">demos</a> from previous ENSL seasons and a couple of others files like custom sprites.


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Currently the Season Six is running, therefore new clans cannot join but they can register for the next season. On the other hand, individual players can join existing teams in the league and Combat Ladder warmly welcomes new teams. In Season Six we have three divisions: Premiere, 2nd Division and 3rd Division and three stages. Divisions consist of two groups (A and B). In the first, Group Stage, every teams plays against every other team in their division. Each team plays one 2-map match per week per default. After this begins Semi-Finals in which according to points 1st team of Group A plays against 2nd team of Group B and vice versa. After this, winners of these matches will meet each other in the Finals which decides the winner of the specific division. Premiere Winner will be the ENSL Champion.


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