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Links to other Customization Sites, and hosting information

Welcome to the Customization Site and Hosting thread.

Here you can post links and descriptions to other sites with NS Customization content.

Willing to host content? Have something you need hosted? Post here with your information.

Topic will be updated and replies pruned periodically. If you discover a dead link, contact me or Delarosa to update the topic.


NS Customization Websites

Natural Selection Arms Lab - Weapon/Player/Building Models, sprites, maps.
Marksman and Editor 321 - Weapon/Player/Building Models, map pack.
Bry's NS - Weapon/Player Models; Artworks; Maps etc.
Daza's Site O' Random Crap - Weapon/Player Models. *Site Down*
Marr's Hacking Terminal - Ambient Music, Player Sounds.
Dr. Fuzzy's Creations
modNS Community Forums

Know a customization site? Post a reply and get it added!

NS or Half-Life hosting/download pages.

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    I also can host files on, I just need some files to do so.. I already got some files, but not loads of custom ones.

    I also Just wanted to add that:
    Daza's Site O' Random Crap is down..
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    modNS Community Forums, your one stop shop for
    1. AMXX / Metamod plugins
    2. coding help and support for the same
    3. server side modifications, troubleshooting, and information
    4. custom models and sprites
    5. custom sound files
    6. NS mapping forum INCLUDING conversion to CS / DOD / TFC maps (hybrids)
    7. archives for old plugins that are outdated
    8. plugin requests / suggestions
    Board's Startup Date: August 28th, 2003
    The Board's Age Is: 3 years 67 days 7 hours 37 minutes 47 seconds
    We have 821 registered members.

    modNS Forums - NS1 and NS2: We Wrote The Book On NS Moddingimage
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    1. Half-Life 1
      |__ Half-Life 1 Mods
      |__ Half-Life 1 Models
      |__ Half-Life 1 Maps
      |__ Half-Life 1 Skins
    2. Half-Life 2
      |__ Half-Life 2 Mods
      |__ Half-Life 2 Models
      |__ Half-Life 2 Maps
      |__ Half-Life 2 Skins
    3. MetaMod
      |__ MetaMod Plugins
      |__ MetaMod Installation Help Files
    4. AMX Mod X
      |__ AMX Mod X Plugins
      |__ AMX Mod X Installation Help Files
    5. And much more...
    We also run a forum dedicated to Half-Life 1 and Half-Life 2 and for mods from both games. ( FORUM IS IN THE WORKS. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED TO HELP, THEN CHECK THE NEWS )
    Next to this we are going to offer a filehost like known ones called and Image Hosts like imageshack, so that you can directly link of from our webspace.

    We already implemented a Download Database Part for this Mod, because this mod is one of the most played ones next to Counter-Strike 1.6.

    More mods are on their way to be implemented.

    Board's Startup Date: December 7th, 2006 (Newly created forums).

    We are looking for board moderators as well. If you would be interested and already have experience, then check the news for contacting information.
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    Brys is down
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    Yea some people already noticed that Brys page is down. I would fill up mine, but have to less files and ###### upload speed (20 kb/s). Hope Brys will be up again later.
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  • FFSkyriderFFSkyrider Members Join Date: 2006-11-02 Member: 58211Posts: 88;2461 (All NS Files will be added here). So Skins, Models, Maps, etc, etc. (which is also above link.. (the beginning link)) is a very large File Resource website for all Half-Life / 2 Games & Mods.
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    Want your Natural Selection File hosted at Private Message me! :D
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    If any one had noticed as I did Natural Selection Arms Lab was down. I guess when they switched to a new host it totally fubared their SQL Database for the custom files. Well it seems they got it back up finally, so feel free to submit new work and get old stuff there. I still haven't found a NS site with so much.
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    my site pretty bad web design and script though :&
  • KayomaniKayomani Members, Constellation Join Date: 2003-05-17 Member: 16399Posts: 149
    I've hosted ns stuff for several years now at

    I've updated my script, feel free to upload anything NS related to I have a mega ammount of bandwidth and disk space availible. Try and use folders if your uploading more than one file.
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  • DrfuzzyDrfuzzy FEW... MORE.... INCHES... Members Join Date: 2003-09-21 Member: 21094Posts: 4,507
    My new site, since nsa took my old one down via no warning, is

    Also, gives free hosting to modders, just mail editor123 from the site and he'll set you one up. Great guy, donate if possible to help him out with server bills!
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    *Let's not just re-package others downloads as our own, k?*
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