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Check here for the current and past releases

Ok, here are the rules! This is a topic for you to post your RELEASES ONLY. No works in progress, no requests, not even a "hey, that's pretty good." Only releases.

(Note: if your model was released before this thread existed, PLEASE post it here! This is for *all* releases, not just new ones.)

When you have a model to release, here's what you should do:
  • Make sure the work is yours. Should be a no-brainer, but if a modeller/team says they do not want their work used for other stuff, you should respect that. For starters, your dishonor will be made public. Second, if I see someone take models from another mod team that has already stated it does not want its art assets used in other works, I will personally contact that mod team and ask them how you are to be dealt with. Example: If they say tempban, you will get tempbanned. As such, complaints about overly-harsh punishments are to be e-mailed or PMed to the original model's creator as if you were complaining to an Admin of this board. -- Marik_Steele
  • Make a nice readme for it. See Coil's suggestions for creating a readme.
  • Zip everything up. Please use zips; not everyone has figured out that WinRAR is a much better program than WinZip. (;
  • Host it somewhere - preferably a site that's not going to go down for lack of bandwidth (e.g. Geocities, Angelfire are *bad ideas*).
  • Make a new topic, titled something like [mrel]Flowerpot O-Chamber. In this topic, you should have the appropriate credits to the creators, and you can put a link to the download, screenshots, a description, etc.
  • Make a post in this forum. This post must include a link to the topic you made. You may also include a *short* description, an additional link directly to a download, and *one* (1) image, which may be no larger than 320x240 pixels. Nothing else. No shout-outs, no attached files, nothin.
The purpose of this thread is to archive all of the models/sprites/skins/packs/sounds/grapefruits released to date, so people looking for something in particular don't have to wade through pages of requests, WIPs, and discussions. Any posts to this topic that AREN'T directly linking to a Modeling Forum release thread will be deleted.

Happy posting!

Staff members are not responsible for any broken links, especially to direct downloads. Please contact the appropriate individual via Private Message if you are interested in a broken link.

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