Good Marine In Search Of Clan

Silent_ReaperSilent_Reaper Members Join Date: 2005-07-29 Member: 57045Posts: 5
A good marine in search of a good clan
i am a good marine in search of a good clan, can someone please help confused-fix.gifasrifle.giftiny.gif


  • LigerXT5LigerXT5 Members Join Date: 2005-01-09 Member: 34114Posts: 164
    if your good, and would like to help others sometimes, dont foget having fun too.
    you can join us, just announce your self on our forums and your pretty much in smile-fix.gif

    clan: GGNC
    Members: 15
    >>NS members: 6

    we also play other games like Counter Strike Source, Guild Wars

    requirments: xfire

    the link to the site is my sig. or you can type
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