Bot Team Strategy For Each Members Of The Team

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( inquiry for a better Bot coding )
Hi, I have been on a few servers that have RCBOT. I was a bit disapointed on the alien team's gameplay but that's expected as the code isn't specificaly made for NS and other reasons.

It got me thinking. I started visiting the RCBOT site (I heard its the best BOT for NS). I saw that there wasn't much coding done since Dec-2004 (didn't read the whole thing sorry). I started thinking on how the bots are reacting and wonder how it could be improved. I know there are a few options to help them change theire behavior but they are all acting individualy without cooperation/teamplay.

They tend to evolve too quickly and waste ressources. Also, they don't seam to be spreading to other hives (in the games I saw). So how could this be improved.

So I was wondering if I should add this to my long list of projects. I was wondering if the approach of selecting the best tactical behavior of each members depending on the amount of teamplayer would be ideal for this.

What would you say each members would have as assignment task in teams of :
2 members :
3 members
4 members
5 members
6 members and more

Also, there is the fact of what they should do on the first 2 min of the game. As ressource is critical, part of the team should at least go for RTs and other rush/scout ?

Like I said, its just a taught. Having a bot code made specificaly for NS and using a variaty of tactics depending on the team's status might be an idea to look into.
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    the ns team should recruit some bot coders i think, to make ns only bot soloutions for ns and ns source.
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