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I got the minigun and trigun,but the dont have the hands/arms for nos how do i do that i got the arms/hands from ns.I know how to start decompile and then?


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    If you dont know anything about modelling, then dont even bother.
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    Despite the terseness of his reply, Fuzzy is right. What you're attempting to do is difficult and time consuming, and there isn't an answer we could give you that wouldn't take up a few pages of text.

    My advice is - start smaller. Learn the basics of modelling, then make a model. It can be anything, really. Get that model into half-life, then try making an animated model. Tutorials exist to show you how to do all of those things. Once you've done those things, you'll have a good grasp of what it'll take to get those guns into NS.
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    Converting hands is something that I can do only with hours of work, its hard and its time consuming. Your better off doing a whole new set of animations for a way better product than converting the animations (hence my GO animations hands look bad due to streching.)
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