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Dont just chuckle to em!

Read that ooold thread to warm you up and then conttinue here on almost same subject:
You just need to Talk to them and ask them a few questions.

To get you introduced and wartned before rading, this (long)post ill be about how to easily assemble public alien team throgh the wilderness called NS-game You will ened some speaking and typing and energy spent on it but it sure is rewarding and awesome feeling when you get it easily done.

Lets think we have the usually size of pub 18/20

You have you(yay you!) and 2 other who are really knowing whats going on


plus 3-5 guys who are quite familiar with the game but still cant see it whole or lack situational awarness. Lets say 4 here

then you have 2-4 co_ players / newbies who has no idea what they are doing with the res or **** flash onos.

thats the numbers quite realistic eh?

||||||||||||||||||\Start Of the round/|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

This is the most important phase here you need to catch the attention of your team before they can move.
For a start pick some guy who you know/ has reasonable name say him "could you get us a hive please?" in 90% he will do it because he is told so. Why? because he knows its a team game and he has to do he`s job plus somebody told him to do something personally. One covered let those others "naturalists" (universal name for guys who know something now ok?) then another one to get you chambers or 2 of them for one making 1 and other 2, 2 guys is obviously best but 1 is fine due its pubs. Then let them have a rest.
Now concentrate on the newbies. Tell all them personally get and rt and make them respond usually all expect one says "K" if you call them personally. For that one guy who doesnt say anything **** him up for a moment by capping/voicesapmming his name after that if no reply leave it, its okay if the others do rt`s. Those other naturalists who arent doing chambs(hive can back up those newbies if they forget to get rts.
Those rest who really know wahts going on should take fades/lerks and keep the offence up they are fine now because they dont need to badckup for the rest of the team like usually when no ones tells anyone anything.

|||||||||||||||||||\Mid-game (second hive goes up)/||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Now that you have yout team well organized you are prolly having easy time taking those pubrines with not that much cooperation to your claws. Those rt makers should now be chewing rts with Naturalists while few of the both ranks are doing their own those guys should do rt`s and other structures till end of round. The guy who build 2. hive should kindly be asked to get 3. one he might refuse no problem tell some other Naturalist or pro to get it(they should be fades by now) The crucial part is that the hivemaker really makes the hive, ask him for that when its time, if no reply ask one of the pros to get it(or play it sure and save yourself)

!!!!!!!!!!THEN IF THE HIVE GOES DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the pro`s should get the new hive and if no hives free you really need to **** up a hive clearance. That isnt so hard Just get one of the fades to MS or somwhere else and then have few skulks/ fades to annihilatte the pg/tf OR if you had "bad luck" get the res**** newbie to onos and still alive get him to there for easy job. This only needs some talking and calling peoples with their names not so hard eh?

|||||||||||||||||\End-game (3. hive going, alien pwning)/|||||||||||||||||||||||

Now there sint much to do. Just make sure that you get the 3. hive going up to really finsih those marines off and make sure that those noobs dont all onos/fade some of them can bynow

What you need to accomplish this socialiizing

-Some spiritual energy
-Good game knowledge
-Some belief to yourself
-from medium to lot typing

I know it will be bit exhausting to do it every game but you still have most of the same people and thye can keep on their jobs. And of course you dont need to do it every game, only when you want remember? It will be just another pub-game if you decide not to guide them through. Also remember that you might need some bitching off but drop it soon, other wise no one will like it and you will be ignored have some sense. You can easily get it done and the feeling you see getting third hive at 10minutes while your team is rampaging in MS and knowing it was only because of you is great. Just like the good old comming days(comming isnt that exciting now days is it?)

The Essential

about this is that you need to call people on their names telling "some1 get 2 hive ffs" wont do much. Be kind and respectful and call people on their names and be amazed


P.s. Please be free to say some flaws or illogicals I have here.

Heres very similiar to mine its only bir more general
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    replying coz uve spammed our channel with the link enough times....

    what a load of bollocks to be frank.

    basically, you've just said, put all your trust into the 'newer' players in the game, so you can fade or lerk. also labelling players as 'newbies' and 'pros' :/

    we need to educate people how to play the game ofcourse, but they wont stay arround long if you tell them to go gorge all the time.

    learn from experience, just create a friendly atmosphere to ensure players stay arround long enough to learn the game

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    and what do you do about the immer populair "do it yourself" they always say?
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    Slizer this doesnt work.

    Especially if the comm uses Full Scanning Capabilities
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    What would you do if someone you considered 'new' instructed you to put up the second hive?
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    QUOTE (Toothy @ Jul 19 2005, 10:21 PM)
    What would you do if someone you considered 'new' instructed you to put up the second hive?

    Umm I would do it or tell or ask him why he does not?
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    I really dont eat and stuff its just that sometimes I transform into a cuddly tiger.
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    QUOTE (SLizer @ Jul 19 2005, 02:20 PM)
    QUOTE (Toothy @ Jul 19 2005, 10:21 PM)
    What would you do if someone you considered 'new' instructed you to put up the second hive?

    Umm I would do it or tell or ask him why he does not?

    To which they begin capping/voicespamming your name.
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    cba to read this, just like i cba to read the link im about to post.
    click this

    looks like i just scanned my own base ftw
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    err, dont make much sense in parts, but generally a good idea... personally i believe in putting your faith in the 'newbies'. Only way to make a friendly atmostphere/encourage them to play. It is however gonna be difficult to continually ask newb's to gorge, but just give LOBO a call, and hell cap ur rt anytime tounge.gif (long as u let me fade it up the resta'time :O)

    ehehheeh... gj
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