{b|a} Band Of Leading Assassins

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<div class="IPBDescription"> for members and clans of ALL SKILLS</div> NAME: {B|A} Band of Leading Assassins ([recruting])


{B|A} is looking for new friendly members to join our community
WE DO NOT except members by skill there for even total N3wBs can apply
in order to be accepted u must schedual an interview {ingame, AIM, Xfire, ICQ]

These are the clans that we have partnership with and will accomadate them
we welcome other clans to sign with us and fight with us [currently we have 1 pending approval]

How are recruits handled?:
as soon as u are interviewed by one of our high ranking members u become a recruit based on what you have provided durring the interview u will be forwarded to a TEAM
from there on the Team Captain will contact you with more information on his team and wat he is looking for.

NOTE:You maybe assigned to a staff position as well if you have any skills we are looking for

More Info:
currently we have:

* 4 members
* 6 man NS server[doesnt show up on Server list if u can help contact me REWARDS AVAILABLE]
* website/forums[ currently under construction and redesign]
* webcast radio [offline due to server problems]

if you wish to join, contact Sp!k3y [me]

* AIM: Spikeyoo7
* E-Mailartyrocks@gmail.com
* ICQ: 343-690-526

We are looking forward to hearing from you
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