Can Someone Help Me Whit My Skulk?

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the thing is when im close or near of a marine my bites dont register and if i just go to him bunny hoping he just kill me i really need help. mad-fix.gif


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    Witheout a detaileddescription of how you skulk or a demo I cna only give you the following tip:

    Skulks aint no tanks.
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    spazm your mouse around like a retard while u bite @ close range, it tends to make you more likely to reg a bite sometimes, or simply just keep practicing as much as you can and you will improve your bite accuracy over time.
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    You need to examine the rines hitbox and learn the biting range. To include both of these factors the bite-area is like arrow you can bite quite far away but you sure can bite wide even next to the rine. Try to use that?

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    Assuming this isn't a joke/spam starter...

    I used to think that as a skulk you had to run into the marine and be right on top of him to kill him.

    Eventually you learn DO NOT TOUCH HIM.
    If you do, HL netcode will go crazy and warp the two of you away from each other and screw up your bite.
    It will also make it harder to see the marine and you can lose track of him.

    You're bitegun is just like any other gun. It's a little different than what you're used to because it has no crosshair and has a limitted range. You could probably download a crosshair for it if you wanted to from the customize forum, and while you're looking at other forums, check out the tech support forum and optimize your rates.

    Beyond that it's just a matter of practice, and a lot of dying. A lot...
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