[con] Some Sharky Lmg



  • catalyst51catalyst51 Join Date: 2007-01-07 Member: 59488Members
    I'd lop the front off. You'll have to bare with me because I'm not too firearm savvy.

    Now, I only how to do photo stuff in cs2 so this will look a bit ordinary...

    Idea is, its a carbine, lets make it compact and cool looking. I thought it'd be best if you stuck to straight flat angular lines where possible (obvious the 'grip' can't be like this for ergonomic reasons)

    Shortened the barrel, shortened the 'stock??' Perhaps even a folding or removable stock would be cool?
  • suicidegoatsuicidegoat Join Date: 2006-12-16 Member: 59106Members
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    Holy thread revival batman! A year and a half bump <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/confused-fix.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="???" border="0" alt="confused-fix.gif" />

    on topic
    catalyst51's looks the best imqfho.
  • NEX9NEX9 Join Date: 2005-03-08 Member: 44299Members
    Now I thought it was the sharky gun but I was sure I seen a concept running around here that well, looks like it became a reality.

    <a href="http://www.frontlinesgame.com/img/screenshots/008.jpg" target="_blank">http://www.frontlinesgame.com/img/screenshots/008.jpg</a>

    Front lines produced a concept in 2006 they say. But I was sure I have seen this gun before then, at least running around here as a bunch of scribles.
  • nogoodnicknamenogoodnickname Join Date: 2005-03-23 Member: 46172Members
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    that frontline assault rifle looks much different than that concept, except the top of course
  • NEX9NEX9 Join Date: 2005-03-08 Member: 44299Members
    acctuly nogoonick i was sort of refering to hte facthat it looks like a couple of concepts rolling around this forums and i was sure there was one exstreamly close to it, looking at hte front line gun you could deffinatly say thats is sid's gun.
  • nogoodnicknamenogoodnickname Join Date: 2005-03-23 Member: 46172Members
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    hmm that gun looks very closely like XM8. And that latest black concept of the "sharky Lmg" is FAMASish but whatever
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