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<div class="IPBDescription">Everything about it</div> There is a special setting in NS to facilitate match and clan play. It's called "tournament mode", and it's available as an option when starting a listen server, or by setting "mp_tournamentmode 1".

When tournament isn't on, it's called "casual mode", and this is meant for public servers and LAN games. There aren't many differences between tourny mode and casual mode, but the distinction exists so NS can be made more competition-friendly or more pub-friendly without adversely affecting the other type of play. Here are the current differences for tournament mode.

This thread will be the definitive documentation for tournament mode, and I'll keep it updated whenever any aspect of it changes.

- <b>Late-joining</b>. In casual mode, mp_latejointime determines how many minutes after the game starts in which players can join the team without waiting to spawn. In tournament mode, players cannot latejoin. If a player has to reconnect in tourny mode, the player can still re-join, but must wait in line to spawn (ie, an infantry portal or hive must be present).

- <b>Non-automatic game start</b>. Tournament mode changes the way games start to make it easier to coordinate and start a match. It will only start when players are on both teams, when the teams are equal, and when both teams have said they are ready. A team is ready when one member of their team chats "ready" (case important). All players can hear all other players before the countdown starts, so spectators and players and coordinate. Once the countdown starts, the map resets, and enemies can't talk to each other, like usual. This is <b>new for v1.02</b>.

- <b>Friendly fire</b>. In casual mode, friendly fire is not enabled. In tourny mode, friendly fire is enabled, and damage from friendly sources is at 33%. Friendly fire affects both players and buildings, and includes all types of damage (tripmines, grenades, etc.). Players always damage themselves at 50%, regardless of whether tournament mode is enabled (grenades, acid rocket). Turrets on both sides can damage players. Onos paralysis and lerk spores can affect friendlies as well.

- <b>Communication</b>. Chat in ready room isn't seen by player in game when tournament mode is enabled.

- <b>Random entities fixed</b>. This isn't something that isn't in wide use yet, but mappers have the ability to trigger random occurrences in their maps. These random events are often only aesthetic, like jets of steam or ambient sounds. For events that affect gameplay, like a falling girder that blocks a passage, or wall that starts the game destroyed, fairness must be preserved. In tournament mode, mappers are allowed to specify the results of any random entity, so it will always trigger the same way. I don't believe that any of the current NS maps use this currently but it should be noted.

- <b>Easter eggs</b>. There are some fun easter eggs in NS that play at special times. These are mostly fun sounds that you hear in rare circumstances. These only play in casual mode.
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