Fat Competitive Team Tryouts On Sunday May 22nd

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Now for a tryout there are certain things were gonna look for. Were going to look at the players strategic knowledge and teamwork. They need to know what to do in certain circumstances. 2 important things are Commander and Fades. We need 2 GOOD fades and 1 GOOD commander (2 wouldnt hurt). The players need to be aware of whats going on in that game. After we can ask them questions such as what was ur first chamber, ect just to see if they were aware of whats going on. In NS knowledge about your enemies or even you allies is important. We also need to look at the strategy the teams are using and wether or not they work.

IRC, Ventrilo, and Avaliable on Sunday Nights (CAL scrim night usually)

On that day teams must be on the IRC channel #fat-ns and we will allow them to use the ventrilo channel for the scrim (Since we have 2 dif. rooms) Ventrilo is the preferred client to use for voice comm in a competitive game (Ingame voice comm is **** compaired to ventrilo).

Visit #fat-ns on gamesurge or post on www.fatclan.com general forum section if interested.
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