American Player Looking For Competitive Clan

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Not really first post. I trolled till now.

Anyway, I am looking for a competitive, active clan that is based in America that plays NS as it's main mode. Combat is a fine addition, but nothing combat only. Other credentials arn't really nessecary for what I'm looking for the clan, except to be treated in a nice fashion by the other clanners.

I have played HL shooters since 2000, but only NS since 2.00. I never was a part of the 1.0 Era, but that means nothing anyway.

As far as my skill goes...

(1-7 Scale: Horrid, Bad, Fair, Decent, Good, Very Good, Excellent)

As a Commander, I do Good.
As a Marine, I do Good.

As a Skulk, I do Very Good.
As a Gorge, I do Decent.
As a Lerk, I do Good.
As a Fade, I do Excellent.
As an Onos, I do Fair.

I feel my best trait is in using a Fade, and my worst is using an Onos.

For my current community clan, version9, I play Fade and Lerk mainly for Aliens, and act as backup commander for Marines.

Misc Information-

Age: 18
Time playing NS a week: Well over 50 hours.
Location: East Coast (New York).
Servers I play on: NSArmslab NS server, v9 clan server.
Microphone: Yes
Availability: Just about every day. Mornings are bad. Evenings are good. Nights vary, but are usually good.
Scripting: I do not script, but don't care if others do.

Other NS Experiences: Adminned a server for a week, Pugged 3 games, have built 1 ns_ and 2 co_ maps (None were successful).

If you have any questions or wish to contact me, reply or IM me on AIM at Goldwin6446
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