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New player from Germany
Hey guys,
I'm searching (who would've guessed?) a NS clan that would introduce me into the NS clan-life. I'd prefer a German or UK clan but any other European country would be ok as well.

About me:
I'm playing NS only for a short time. I prefer the HA/GL combination. I am experienced in teamplay, using Teamspeak, IRC and so on.

Any questions and/or offers may be posted here. You may also contact me via IRC (QuakeNet; #australia; "Barnes"), ICQ #219111220, eMail or MSN (same as eMail). I've also got AIM and YIM installed, but I don't use them really often.

roo aka. Barnes


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    Look guys, either help him or dont (and dont post...). Roo, you should take the opportunity to search through all the threads asking for recruits, perhaps there are a few Euro Clans in here. Id also recommend searching for European leagues => European Clans.
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    i did help him grml...i sent him into this forum (through IRC) and told him to write such a post. (as many other people did before).

    I just wondered why he shouldnt open his own "I need a clan" thread as many other people did.
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    yup, so true

    hm, im not from that clan, but when i was clanning, they were kind of trainingpartners...

    might try it there, many people, not THAT seriously competitive, and they might give you a try and show you the deal

    the url:

    good luck tounge.gif

    edit:: if you dont know where to go: forum-> rekrutierung
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