Gamingorb Nsl Playoffs

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Euro NS League
The Playoffs for the GamingOrb Euro NS League are set to start.
After many technical and staff problems I have changed a few things to enable the playoffs to start.

Im planning to start the playoffs in around a month, after the Nations Cup has finished (i hope).

I will post a final start date asap.

Originally 4 teams where going to be taken from each division.
These 8 teams would play in a small cup eventually reaching a 2 team final to decide the champions!

But as rebirth have died we will now replace them with the highest scoring team behind them. Config.

I Have created a temp website for the playoffs:

Temp Website For playoffs

i will be posting news, date, team, hltv and server info there asap.

1st Stage of playoffs

1. #lessthanthree vrs #el'pheer

2. #lucky.ns vrs #knife

3. #area51.ns vrs #-o-.ns

4. #config.ns vrs #.BM

Can the Clan Leaders for these clans PLEASE update the clan profile at asap. I will be using these clan rosters + steam id's for the playoffs.


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