Mad Lag And F'ed Up Score Board.

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before my last resort in reinstallinng my ns, i'd like to know if there's an alternative in correcting this. or maybe it's just a steam problem, i don't know.


edit: nevermind


  • Diablo_fxDiablo_fx Join Date: 2003-02-21 Member: 13793Members
    Looks like you messed up/deleted the "titles.txt" file to me.
  • ThanatosThanatos Join Date: 2003-02-05 Member: 13138Members
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    In the titles.txt document it should read something like...

    Ready Room

    Same goes for marine team and so on. Just exchange undefined with team 1 and team 2 and ready room with Marine and alien (whatever you like it to be)

    Name the file titles.txt and save in the ns directory..
  • epicoepico Join Date: 2004-10-02 Member: 32055Members
    i was able to find a copy of titles.txt
    but i was still having this weird low fps.

    so i finally decided to reinstall, now everything's nice and smooth.

    anyways, thanks for the help
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