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<div class="IPBDescription">Expressions Of My Mind</div> He wished it would stop. He wished the lights would turn back on, the gunfire to stop. He sat there, holding on, hoping that they would live.


The squad of Marines moved swiftly but silently, their feet softly clanking on the metal flooring. They had only one objective - kill what wasn't human. They slowly moved across the bridge ontop of the power reactor, when the clicking started again. Very hard to hear, but a trained vetrain could pinpoint anything if it made a sound.

They were equipped with standard TSA equipment - a light machine gun, a pistol, and their last and only resort - a knife. Everything they needed to kill anything that stood in their path - or so they thought. As the clicking gradually grew louder, the squad stopped moving, and proceded to move into an attack position. Their weapons were aimed wherever they heard the clicking. Then it went silent.

The Marines stood and crouched there for what felt like hours, just waiting. Then, out of a corner of a soldier's eyes, he saw something. Very faint, but it was something for sure. He turned and aimed, just as he heard the screaming. There must have been at least 10 Skulks leaping towards the Marines at the same time. They screamed at them, a loud battle cry to boost their own alien morales.

Little did the squad wait, before opening fire. It all seemed like a dream to most of them, going in slow motion. Each bullet telling a story of it's own, before it either landed in an alien or a wall. The Skulks were greeted with a hail of bullets, shredding them to bits. The bullets penetrated the Skulks completely, exiting the other side with a long trail of yellow, sticky blood.

The attack left the Marines wordless. They just stood there, waiting to see anything else that moved. That's when the rumbling started. The ground was shaking heavily, and the Marines were forced to crouch down and hold on to the guard rails of the metal grate. They knew what was happening, what was going to come, but the worst was that they knew what the result of the fight would be.

Two other Marines then ran onto the bridge from the corner, yelling and hanging on to their helmets. One threw his LMG off of the grate as he ran for his life. "RUN! ONOS!" he screamed as he ran directly past the Marines. The other stood behind the squad, loaded his weapon, and aimed at the corner, as the rest of the Marines were already doing.

The beast rounded the corner very quickly. The squad couldn't help but feel under powered against a beast of such size, but they had to do what they could. They all opened fire, which did little to slow down the beast. They could all see the Onos killing them in their minds, bringing them to a horrible death.

All of the sudden, the Onos let out a roar, and he ran quicker. He sprinted past the group of Marines, and devoured the lone Marine that joined their squad. The Onos stood on the other side of the grate, as the Marines reloaded their weapons.

It was a moment of silence, as both opponents looked at eachother. Everything was silent, except for the disgusting noises emitting from the Onos itself - noises of digestion, murmurs from his stomache. The squad knew that the Marine inside that Onos was dead, but they couldn't help but feel angry for what he did.

The Marines all looked deeply into the beast's eyes. His horn, covered in blood, was it's weapon of choice. The saliva oozed and dripped from his mouth right through the grate, into the bottomless pit below. The Onos let out a low chuckle, then backed up a little bit.

The Onos let out a loud roar, signaling the start of his attack. It wasn't going to let any of these Marines live. It charged right at the Marines, throwing them aside like bowling pins. The Marines were knocked back the Onos, their gunfire spreading around the room, into the live wires above. The result of this was a shower of electrical sparks, followed by the lights failing. It was then that the Onos took advantage, and stabbed the Marine directly infront of him.

The Marine's face was full of a silent scream. He didn't want to die like this, but he knew that death was seconds away. He saw everyone around him, the looks on their faces. Looks of horror, of disgust. Then, the Onos tossed him against the wall, like he was just garbage. The Marines stood in awe, observing the scene, and the Onos.

It was then that they heard someone scream from over the edge of the pit. "Help me," he whispered to his squad mates. The sound of fear was greatly noticable in his voice, as one of the Marines rushed over to help him.

He extended his hand, desperately reaching over the grate to help the Marine. The soldier hanging was just dangling there, stretching his arm towards his saviour. Nothing mattered but reaching that hand. It was that very moment, just when their hands barely touched, that the Marine was thrown away by the Onos. He was knocked right over the side of the grate, into the bottomless pit of the power generator.

At this point, the whole squad opened fire. He wished it would stop. He wished the lights would turn back on, the gunfire to stop. He sat there, holding on, hoping that they would live. His hopes never did anything though, and it didn't here. One by one, the Marines were brought to their death, until only he was hanging there. The Onos just stood there, looking at the lone marine. Through the darkness, he could see it grinning at him.

He knew all hope was lost, that he was going to die. He tried to make out the bodies of his squad members. His friends. His family. He looked over them in silence, then at the Onos. Anger, fear, and sorrow filled his eyes. Mixed emotions.

It was then that he decided that the Onos would never take him. Nobody would but himself. He hung on with a single hand while retreving his pistol from it's holster. The Onos jumped back at this, fearful of him somehow. The Marine lifted himself up, knowing that it wouldn't attack him. It knew ithad won, so it would try to let it's prey attack it first. It was that point that the Marine collapsed on the floor, rolled up into a ball, and cried.

He just sat there, for what seemed like hours. Almost every alien on the ship gathered around him. Skulks, Gorges, Lerks, Fades, and Oni gathered around the crying Marine and the Onos. They just sat there, and observed the Marine. What he was doing, none of them knew. They just watched with excitement.

The Marine cried for what felt like hours. He sat there, remembered everything in his life. Every single little detail, he went over. Thinking about it, one memory at a time. When he was sure that he thought of everything, he waved his pistol around him. This caused most of the aliens to retreat quickly, as if they were fearful of the device.

He looked at the crowd he had gathered, tried to make out some of them. He then proceeded to stand on the railing of the grate, and put the pistol to his head. He made sure he looked at every single one of the aliens infront of him, looking at them with all the pain he had experienced. With that, he removed his helmet, threw it to the side, and jumped.

He felt like nothing mattered, and he didn't care anymore. When the Marine was out of sight, deep into the darkness, they heard a gunshot.
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