French Clan Seek Pcw

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<div class="IPBDescription">vs US clan ?</div> Hello dear m8

I'm leader of the <a href='' target='_blank'>Area51.ns</a> clan, and, I'd like to pcw (scrim) vs an American clan.
But, it seems that most of (all ?) them are on GameSurge, and, European clan are on QuakeNet.

My clan has only once made a match vs a US clan, and I'd like to play vs a US clan very soon.

If an american clan is interested, PM me or go #Area51.ns on Quakenet, ask Mancunien or FreeZe.
I think we can play to an hour wich is ok for both clan, and, play one map on a french server and one map on a european server.

Thank you


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    I am usually on quakenet and gamesurge, we have scrimmed bm, team sweden and some german clans. We sometimes advertise in when the american scrim channels are going slow.
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