So Lets Assmume You Record A Demo

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<div class="IPBDescription">how to get the interesting parts</div> the problem i see is as following

lets assume you are just playing on a random server and you want to record a demo in case some impressive frag or some funny scene happens...

now you play for a while and have, well, lets say 1 hour of demo

how do you get the inportant parts...

would you write up where in whcih demo the important parts are?

thats my problem...
i just dont know how i should filter the good and the bad stuff ...


  • airyKairyK Join Date: 2002-12-19 Member: 11126Members
    use the viewdemo command and pull down the console. From there are demo player options for speed up, slowdown, pause, play, etc also a timeline gauge that you can use to skip to different parts with ease.
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    I think what he means is if you have a large demo and want to <b>distribute</b> the cool parts to others, instead of posting the whole 1 hour demo.
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    I would suggest using MovieMaker for altering the demo file. You can cut it up, add special effects (limited), music or what not with it. Also fun to just play around with. Easy to use and easy to learn.
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    You'll need 3 things:
    1. The viewdemo command to fast foward or rewind to the parts you want.
    2. A way to convert the demo into a video file. FRAPS is good at this (google it).
    3. A way to combine the video files together, add any effects/text/music you want, and compress it. There are a very large number of programs you can use. Talonwolf's suggestion will work fine.
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    okay, but it all takes much time...

    what i thought of woul be something like:

    you have a script thats lets you record 4 demos
    you start recording a demo in advance, just in case somethhing happens
    now, a cool frag happens, you start recording the next demo
    so on

    now you have 4 demos, and everyone has a cool scene AT THE END, so you dont have to search the whole demo for cool scenes if you want to make a demo out of it...

    thats the only solution i cam up with
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    -If you want to just skip to the part in the demo use viewdemo and follow the instructions airy said.

    -If you want to make it into a video file and watch just that part;

    Ok i will give you an e-cookie if you find something to convert a .dem file to say an .avi

    Its hard. I dont think they exist. And I dont think fraps does it.
    Only thing fraps does is record it and make it into a video file. Its big, very big. but from there you can edit it with any video editor.

    Pinnacle Studio is a good one.
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    You could always FRAPS the whole thing, then use adobe premier/other video eiditng software to cut it up and do what you wish
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    Here's a script I made for CS, but I figure it should work on NS as well. It basically cycles through 20 different filenames, then have a start and stop button for each file. There's even a voice letting you know if it's recording or not.

    alias "reccycle1" "speak one;developer 1;echo * 1 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 1;alias reccycle reccycle2;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle2" "speak two;developer 1;echo * 2 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 2;alias reccycle reccycle3;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle3" "speak three;developer 1;echo * 3 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 3;alias reccycle reccycle4;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle4" "speak four;developer 1;echo * 4 Activated*;aliasrecstartnumber record 4;alias reccycle reccycle5;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle5" "speak five;developer 1;echo * 5 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 5;alias reccycle reccycle6;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle6" "speak six;developer 1;echo * 6 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 6;alias reccycle reccycle7;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle7" "speak seven;developer 1;echo * 7 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 7;alias reccycle reccycle8;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle8" "speak eight;developer 1;echo * 8 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 8;alias reccycle reccycle9;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle9" "speak nine;developer 1;echo * 9 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 9;alias reccycle reccycle10;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle10" "speak ten;developer 1;echo *10 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 10;alias reccycle reccycle11;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle11" "speak eleven;developer 1;echo *11 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 11;alias reccycle reccycle12;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle12" "speak twelve;developer 1;echo *12 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 12;alias reccycle reccycle13;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle13" "speak thirteen;developer 1;echo *13 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 13;alias reccycle reccycle14;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle14" "speak fourteen;developer 1;echo *14 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 14;alias reccycle reccycle15;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle15" "speak fifteen;developer 1;echo *15 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 15;alias reccycle reccycle16;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle16" "speak sixteen;developer 1;echo *16 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 16;alias reccycle reccycle17;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle17" "speak seventeen;developer 1;echo *17 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 17;alias reccycle reccycle18;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle18" "speak eighteen;developer 1;echo *18 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 18;alias reccycle reccycle19;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle19" "speak nineteen;developer 1;echo *19 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 19;alias reccycle reccycle20;developer 0"
    alias "reccycle20" "speak twenty;developer 1;echo *20 Activated*;alias recstartnumber record 20;alias reccycle reccycle1;developer 0"

    alias "reccycle" "reccycle1"
    alias "recstart" "recstartnumber;speak activated"
    alias "stoprec" "stop;speak deactivated;echo Demo*Deactivated*"

    bind "INS" "reccycle" // Cycles to next recording file.
    bind "DEL" "recstart" // Starts recording
    bind "END" "stoprec" // Stops recording

    Good Luck.

    - Dakou
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