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<div class="IPBDescription">Read before posting.</div> <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>As no one has bothered trying to follow the rules set out below, I'm deciding whether to bother trying to enforce them or simply just allow you to ensure that all attempts to search within the demo section become useless due to lack of naming consistency.</span>

Very simple rules, try and follow them or I may just delete your post out of spite.

a) All posts must follow the board <a href='http://www.unknownworlds.com/view?action=displaycommunityrules' target='_blank'>rules of conduct</a>.

b) You may not link to any videos of third parties cheating or hacking. If you want to demonstrate how a hack works, install it yourself and make a demo.

c) If you choose to comment on a demo, keep in mind that people may not wish to have it spoilt for them. If you are too dumb to put spoiler (or similar) at the top of your post, then your posting priviledges may vanish.

d) Posting format (for ease of searching)

If you are posting a match/scrim demo, then the <b>Topic Title</b> should be as follows:

[TEAM]v[TEAM] [DD/MM/YY] [Tournament]

If you are posting tricks, humour, movies or training demos/films, then simply put the <i>title or filename</i> of the piece.

In both cases, the <b>Topic Description</b> should describe the category, the map and the format as follows:


Valid categories: Scrim, Match, Trick, Training, Humour or Movie

Valid Formats: FP (First Person), TP (Third Person), HLTV, AVI, MPEG or QT (Quicktime)


<span style='color:red'>Topic Title:</span> Exigent v HAM 19/10/05 CAL

<span style='color:red'>Topic Description:</span> Match - Tannith - HLTV


<span style='color:red'>Topic Title</span> Bunnyhop.avi

<span style='color:red'>Topic Description</span> Training - Varied - AVI


<span style='color:red'>Topic Title</span> Marinez gone bad!

<span style='color:red'>Topic Description</span> Humour - Hera - HLTV


If you have any questions, please direct them towards someone who cares. Alternatively, you can PM me and I'll put it right on top of my list of unimportant things to sort out later.
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