I Have A 510mx Logitech Optical Mouse

NoKudosNoKudos Join Date: 2003-12-21 Member: 24636Members Posts: 50
and wondering about your mouse binds
Well my 510mx optical mouse has like 8 buttons, and i was told HL would only recognize 5 of them. So if any of yous who happen to have a mouse with more than 5 buttons, I'm just curious on what binds you've setup for them.



  • morphzmorphz Join Date: 2003-04-19 Member: 15640Members, Constellation Posts: 271
    If you set the buttons to Ctrl, insert etc, then if you bind something to ctrl or insert in half life it should work on the mouse button? Not sure if this actually works but it works for other things smile-fix.gif
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    get the application at the following site, it will solve all your needs

    http://www.logigamer.com/ version 1.8.1 is for mx510

    i got all 8 buttons configured with ns now smile-fix.gif
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