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<div class="IPBDescription">Just found this from way back..</div> Well I just found this from way back..
Wondering if I should pick it up again, and yes I know I have no talent whatsoever for punctuation hehehe.

By Eelco “ME-->ShootHere!!” Lakwijk

“What is this?”
“I feel so numb..everything is muffled..”
“I am so sleepy…so very sleepy……”


“Where am I?”
“The world around me is small but I can see through it..outside I see them running..what is this?”


The shell seems to have cracked..if I push just a little harder….there! “I am free..”
With my head still spinning from the effort I crawl out of the pink and gooey mess, everything is so big out here…
“Where am I…what am I?” I said out loud..but there is no answer. I stagger a bit at first but quickly find my balance. I look back and see the pink shell I seem to have crawled out of. Behind it is a large thing..it pulsates and somehow calls to me. It smells odd. I walk up to it and inspect it, but before I can even get close it makes a regurgitating sound and another one of the pink shells is dropped on the floor close to mine. As I look at it I see a small being inside it, just like the ones I saw running around when I was inside.
I tap the shell with my claw and suddenly realize I have a claw. “What am I?” I said again, inspecting the apparent claws. I began to wonder if I looked like the ones I saw running around while waking..


I began exploring the area around me. It was all cold and hard and made a very weird sound when I walked on it. I did not encounter any of the other ones while walking around, maybe they could tell me what I wish to know.
Even during my short trip I came by long corridors, narrow passages filled with steam and great, hot big rooms that buzzed peacefully. I was beckoned back to where I began by a strange urge as if my body just guided me there. So I let the feeling take its course. Once I get there I could wait for maybe another to show up, I could ask it what is going on.


When I arrived I found the area suddenly buzzing with life, dozens of broken pink shells were littered next to mine and several of the other ones were standing there, looking at the big pulsating sack as if it was going to do something. None of them seemed to notice me. I decided to keep low for now and await what is to come next.
But how could I have foreseen what was going to happen next?



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    a definately unique story. a kharaa view point, which is definately lacking n this forum. u have created a sense of confusion for the story, which is unique. most of the stories have khara knowing what they shld do, like they link to the hive mind. a gd read so far.
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    the Kharaa POV is something that is rarely touched upon by the NSFFFF, SE was one of the first to do a kharaa POV.

    The sense of confusion is good, if you plan to keep this writing this that would be a good place to start off.
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