Star Base 9

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<div class="IPBDescription">A supper Old WIP</div> I have been working on this text for about 7 years, you will notice as its get deeper, sorry for the abrupt end, comments please

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Star base 9 was much like any star base; it had its bar’s, strip club, black market dealers and corrupt cops. That’s why Jose Peter’s was here. After travailing over 500 light years and for 3 months he had a rived at his destination. This was where some of his “boys” worked on the off months.
As Peter walked past the liquor store with its importer spirits and home made rums he was asked for a few credits or even if he could get some smokes by the minors. He was not interested, though he was keeping a sharp eye out for the few that where trying to take his wallet. Those ones that do will be worth my while to train, though they have to be good at the handling of a firearm too.
Van Hagen the current street drug was splashed all over the curbside with the gang tagged robots trying to clean it up before the next victim fell to their death from it. When Jose reached the general store, he entered and the old man at the counter placed his right hand under the counter to cover the pump action shot gun he had there.
“Hay Old man Greg, how are you my man?”
“Hay Jose, if your looking for Flex he’s out back.” The old man said
“Thanks, and you still got that old H & K MP5 I left here last time?”
“Yeah, I’d have to find it though, what you getting the boys back?”
“No **** man” Jose replied
“Well give me a few and I’ll see if I can get it”
“Hay Flex, come out front will you, I have to find something.”
After a few moments Flex, walked past the fridge full of cola drinks, balling his fists, and with a river of sweat falling from his baled shaved head, and his tattooed 6 pack chest, tucked inside his pants with the but sticking out was his Glock 18 side arm pistol. When he saw Jose, he taped the but of the pistol playfully and gave Jose a high five.
“Jose how are you going my man?” Flex asked
“All right bro, how are you going man?” Jose replied
“All right, but you know old man Greg he can make you do a work out.” Flex Teased
“Hay easy on the Old man, he’s like a father to me, you know?”
The Old man looked at Jose as if to ask really?
“Hay Old man Greg you are like a father to me, you look after my boys you look after my guns, and hell you even look after me.”
“So like why are you here Jose?” Flex asked
“Why am I here, hmmm, now let me see, Why am I here? I know its not because I need to get my self a can of local made cola. But I think it might be because we need to get the boys tog ever again. The dam FUATD has **** up again, they want us to dispose of their problem, and this time it’s not a small problem for Jean and me to get done. Its on FG12, those dam cross breeders have made a problem after delving in things that they should not have. I want to know if old man Greg will give you a break from the hard work he’s been putting you through, and if you could get back on the team.”
“No **** man, I’m back on the team as of now, you know the cops are corrupt and all here so it’s just to easy on the piece of junk, to take some one’s lights out.”
“Hay Old man Greg, I’ll man the counter, could you get me my MP5?”
“Ok, Jose, I’ll be back in a few, and could you check the shot gun, I can’t seem to get the shells in right, there might be something wrong with it.” Replied the Old man.
Always the way, Old man Greg asks me to reload his shotgun whenever I’m in. But it’s a cheap fee for all the stuff he keeps for me hidden from the cops.


The Lady Grey was as Flex had always remembered it, the smell of old smokes, and spilt beer. Sitting in the gunner’s chair, he pulled the safety straps tight before they pulled out of Star Base 9’s artificial gravity.
“Hay Flex, its good to have you back.” Jean called over the sound of the Cat C29, V18 turbo drive.
“Its good to see you to Jean, how have you and Jose been going in cleaning up FUATD mess?”
“We’ve been going well after we cleaned up FUATD’s own clean up team. They had a good team this time, and they where all fresh meat, but hell they knew what to do, they where taking the business away.”
“Well it looks like the business is picking up again, say how much of the boys are we getting in on this job?”
“The hole lot, we are even busting Leet out of the rock cryogenic.”
“Leet boy this must be a big job.”
“It’s big all right, didn’t Jose tell you the hole of FC system needs cleaned up”
“He told me FC12, but nothing about the hole of the FC system.”
“Boy, FC12, found the alien tech that FUATD has been using to advance its self, once FC12 had made some military products from it, they shipped the products out to the 15 other FC star worlds, though out the FC system. The FC system United Worlds, UW, has not yet put a plan it to action for advancements in to the FB or FD systems, but they are on the verge of it.”
“Oh My God, that can not be true.” Replied Flex in awe
“Flex my man its true, as true as my names Jose.”
“Brace you’re self’s lady’s and gents, we are on a one way ride down the Wormhole express to the rock.” Called Jean as she lined the Lady Grey up with the Wormhole that had just been ripped in to the space
“I hope you know your space war fare Flex, because you know what the rock can …”
Jean was cut short of finishing her comment as at that point the Lady Grey and her crew of 3 where sucked into the wormhole and exited 70 light years from Star Base 9, at The Rock high security exile prison.


The Rock exile prison was just that, a hard cold baron moon. It has a 40-hour day, and took 30 days to circle its F3 Star. The prisoners where kept in cryogenic, which was the better deal. Sven Viking was posted here as a guard after he **** off the General in the HQ on Mars. Sven found a case as all new staffers do and perused it until he found that the roots where to close to his home turf, Saturn. He went Psycho at the people on the streets of Gerbil and pumped a few too many witnesses full of lead. When the General found out, he was steamed, and was going to give him exile from the Fed Com Police and Armies. In the court marshal the General worked out that such a deed was not worthy of such lenient punishment so he stationed Sven on the Rock cryogenic for 5 Years on renewable terms.
Sven was into his 3 years second term of Exile, and everyday wished that he were not in the Fed Com Police and Armies when he went Waco with his gun, that way he would be in the cryogenic and not guarding them. Everyday was the same, wake up, have breakfast, check the cryogenic fluids levels, play cards, have his evening meal, then go to bed.
“I up you 50, on that”
“Your joking right?”
“No, would I joke you in poker Sven?”
“OK, I up you 15 credits”
“OK But answer the question Sven, Would I joke with you in this game?”
“No Mike.”
He was lying and he and Mike knew it. Mike always cheated, some how, no mater where Sven sat, or if they where playing with a brand new deck, Mike always knew what Sven had.
He was about to deuce Mike another exile guard in poker for 200 credits, when the extranet sensor system came alive with the sound of an arriving ship.
“Augh ****! Not that bloody thing again.” Muttered Sven
“Leave it till this hand is over man. The arrivals can take a look at there new home for a while longer. Any way, there aren’t going to see much of it once they get in.” Returned Mike.
“I’ve get 2 10’s and an ace – flush!” Smirked Mike
“No way! Where are you keeping these cards Mike?” Fumed Sven
I should smite him here and now, at least then I got something to spend on my smoke, and booze, and not suffer under Mikes rebukes. Jose said to him self
“Warning, weapons lock, on platform 3. Guided LRM 20 pack.” Called the computer
“****!” Mike, and Sven called in unison
“Warning sensor platform 2, offline.” The computer called again
“****!” Mike called as he was raking up the credit chips, and hard cash notes
“Warning cryogenics system 10 under assault.” The computer warned


Ike Will, the Rock warden was sleeping off his hang over, as he did every morning. Ike had only been at the Rock for 6 months – and started on the bottle 2 weeks into his assignment. He understood by the start of the 4th week why so many wardens died off when they where here. It was life for the low life’s both in the Law Enforces, and the Law smashes. When the Warring systems blurted out there system warnings, he woke with a jolt, and with a gleam in his eyes that had been missing for over a year. Action he said to him self. He pulled on his uniform, that was sitting in it original dry cleaning bag – that it was handed to him the day he started, then moved to the status control office to over see the defence of the Rock.
When he arrived, Jose, and Mike, had just finished scooping up the credit chips, and cash from there night shift Poker game, and look at him in a awed fashion.
“Work people.” He called
“Yes Sir!” Jose, and Mike called out
2 minuets after he got to the control office the entire Rock staffers where in the Control Office.
“By the sounds of it, we are having an attack by one of the inmates gangs,” Ike called to his staff, then went on with “The ship that these people are on, has been identified as Lady Grey, a decommissioned, Heavy Weapons Person Carrier. In its commissioned state, it had an impressive amendment – including 3 gamma lasers, 2 x-rays, and 5 packs of 20 LRM space – earth rockets. Now we have lost 2 of our most needed space platforms – including our primary sensor control – and our ECM platform. Though you might know by now that we lost cryogenic tank10. That’s ok, as its one of the smaller ones. Also Cryogenic tank 10 only feeds the prisoners in level 35 – 37, and Sector C on each. So we will know that the Lady Greys intentions are to get to one of those levels. **** can you tell use where the most likely place is for the Rock to be breached with that data?”
**** the Rock inelegance, and out side security officer, was in his late 60’s, well after retirement, even though he was rich now and able to get out of the policing business, he kept him self posted to the rock. He knew his stuff, after all he had been at the rock on self-assignment for 30 years of his life, and he intended to stay posted here until his death. The rumours where that he had a fight with his misers, and she was gunning for him to had over his grounds, and credits, along with 80% of his other assets. The last place any PI, or government agent wanted to go to catching him was the rock. **** rubbed his thin moustache, and then said with his based voice. “By the looks of it, we only have 2 main points of access, one is the waste disposal unit, and the second is the escape pod. Both of these are on level 39, so if we consecrate on getting that level locked down, and having static defences on the other levels, we should be right.”
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    cool man. But I dont undertsand a lot of the abbreviations. Mebbe u cld elaborate more on whats happening becos im not so sure what the hells happening.
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    FUATD = Fook U All To Death (You understand the replacment word, due to censorship)

    FC = Random Planetry system

    This is not a real ns FF, but i was just wondering what you thought
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