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This forum's intended purpose is to offer those interested in these helps a place to discuss scripts. Seeing the controversial nature of the topic, there are a few additional rules to the community wide ones:

<b>1.: To each his own.</b>
The discussion of whether scripts are a valid part of the game has gone on for far too long while producing literally nothing but bad blood between the concerned parties. It won't be tolerated in here, or anywhere else on the boards. As of NS 3.0 Beta6, MP_Blockscript will work as intended. Search yourself a server catering to your opinion on the topic and let the rest of the world live in peace.

<b>2.: No exploit scripts, please.</b>
There have been, and will likely be again, certain exploitable bugs that can be used to near cheatlike advantages with script support. A good example for this would be the zero-energy leaping of the early 3.0 betas. Don't post such scripts around here, please. Yes, it's our obligation to fix occuring issues, but it isn't your obligation to screw everyone's game up in the meantime. The myth that public exposure will make devs work faster should have died with HL2.

<b>3.: Alien bunnyhopping is tolerated.</b>
As an exception to the last rule, since it deserves the special recognition, and because two rules would look plain dumb, a clarification of bunnyhopping's status in the game: It was left in on purpose for the alien side and is recognized as a valid movement skill. Scripts regarding it do thusly not fall under rule #2. Bhopping is however not considered an integral part of the gameplay. It's being tolerated, but would, for example, not be ported to engines that do not feature this bug.

With this in mind, enjoy yourselves.


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    Before you post here asking for a script, make sure you understand something about the limitations of scripting in HL:

    1) Scripts are not smart. They will not change their actions on their own. You must tell it to change.

    2) While executing a script, ALL keys on your keyboard and mouse will be locked up. You will be able to aim, nothing else, until it is finished. If you saw a script that did otherwise, it was either before _special was removed or it is not a script, but a macro in a third-party program.

    3) There is no bunnyhopping script. It is concievable that one could be written, but it would be utterly useless in actual gameplay. See above for why.

    4) There are no scripts that go against the game limitations. If a script fires a pistol faster than anyone could by hand, it is not because it hacks the pistol to do so, it is because most humans can't click that fast. That said, NS isn't perfect, and there are ways to 'break' the engine. These are bugs, and the devs are working to fix them. Don't ask for scripts that take advantage of it.

    5) Not a technical limitation, but there are a few scripts that are controversial, such as pistol scripts. Some people don't care whether or not you use it, some do. Just a warning.
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