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    Until such time as this becomes a locked sticky in the Scripting Forum-To-Be, at which point this post would most likely be deleted, I'd like to commend you for writing such a clear, concise, but helpful guide. Someone who is new to scripting would definitely benefit from it, and would have difficulty developing the common misconceptions when so clearly presented with their counters. Hopefully this article will bring understanding to the masses, and greatly complement our cause. Well done.


    and now that we have a scripting forum I will wait for nem0 to phase...

    how do I know nem0 will phase this? cause he completed his college stuff and regained use of his left hand and is going to spend the rest of the relaxing day forumiting / doing super s3kret stuff

    Just because I can, I'm phasing this over so Nem has about .05 minutes less work to do.
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    I uh... already reposted it... but ok..
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