Competitive Forum Rules

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Welcome to the new Competitive forums of our boards. We hope they'll offer the higher level NS players a worthwhile place to meet. As usual for online communities, there's a code of conduct applies here as well. Please read the below before posting.

Please keep in mind the general community rules apply here as much as anywhere else in these forums. Thus, if you feel the urge to speculate loudly about another member's ethnic, religious, political, sexual, aesthetical, physical, olfactoric or other peculiarities; their bad taste in music, games, movies, OS choice, sexual partners, particularily if you suspect them to be family members; or their vastly inferior abilities in games, sports, shooting, driving, bed, or any other area of import, wait until that urge passes.
If you violate community rules, you'll first be warned, then suspended for a week, then banned.

Additionally, there are a few special rules applying to these forums particularily:

<b>1.: Tread lightly.</b>
Since the competitive community is, well, competitive, it will often happen that you'll be discussing other player's or team's performances. Avoid rash language when doing so; what might look like a friendly jab to you might be a mean blow to the discussed party. If flames arise out of such situations, both sides will be prosecuted.

<b>2.: Be confidential.</b>
If you decide to use these forums as a means of leaking a clan's strategies, plans for upcoming games, or other 'insider information' not available from publically accessible sources without of their consent, you will be suspended and your posts will be removed. Don't do it.

<b>3.: Be open.</b>
The fact that your clan is of a higher rank or regard than someone else's does not entitle you to belittle them or dismiss their points. Such actions, however, will quickly be taken as encital for others to dismiss <i>you</i>.
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