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<div class="IPBDescription">its back... and hopefully less bad</div> <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:blue'>Genesis Chapter 1</span></span>
"Why are you going Jack?"

"Cuz I gotta"

"But why? Don't tell me you believe that propaganda bullcrap. You know better. The war is <i>not</i> going as well as they say on the vids"

"Common Jimmy, I have to go, It's my duty. Besides.. Maybe I can see my father again sometime."

"Jack don't be a goddam dumass, you will never see your father. He's a general, and if you volunteer you'll just be a piece of crap recruit. Don't kill yourself just because you feel that you have to carry your families military history!"

"I gotta man, I'm sorry" tears were beginning to well up in his eyes

"Fine. Just leave your mother and sister behind on earth, it's not like they have feelings you ****. You never could be a friend, you just wanted to be left alone. You know what, I <i>hope</i> you die"

"Don't say th...."

Jimmy clicked a button on the wall and the door to shuttlepod closed shut quickly, leaving Jack with a horrible feeling in his throat, near tears and staring at the steel, empty door in front of him.

Jack hadnt worked as a standard security guard on corporate sites for too long before the TSA took an interest. He began his guard duty at the age of 21 and continued on to a career in the TSA at 25. But after he made a name for himself in a rival corporate attack by viciously defending an outpost by himself, and killing 4 others in the process he was quickly added to the TSA roster. Jack was not a maverick, a skilled warrior or a cunning intelect..just a regular recruit.

<span style='color:blue'><span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Battlestation Titus a distant fortified TSA post in deep space</span></span>

"Jack get your **** over here, your late for your routine already."

Jack woke with a start in the bunker smashing his head into the top bunk while his Sargent was yelling something about demerits.

"**** SARGE! cant you wake me with a little more finess"

Sargent Akins, or "Sarge" as he was called, was a fair man to his young recruits, but he was known for being a hardass and throwing around his authority for fun.

"quit your *itching jar head and get over to your squad at the cafeteria"

"right o sarge" jack replied while flinging himself from his tiny bunk. Jack had expected his sargent to wake him an hour early just for kicks so he had dressed appropietly before going to sleep the previous night, knowing he wouldnt have to dress while taking verbal abuse the next morning.

Jack promptly began his morning stretches in his bunk area to look commited in front of the TSA camera swiveling around in the corner. When he was finished with the routine he walked up and pulled a black box from his bunk chest and quickly dissapeared off to the side of his bunk out of the cameras view.

a silent "pssshhht" noise appeared when the injection needle he took from the box drove into his arm, he could feel his bodys bloodflow throbbing through him, pounding in his head. The enhancers were not easy to come by, being highly illegal, but Jack knew that when he came face to face with a Kaharra like his brother had, he would be able to smash its damn head in simply with the butt of his rifle.
The trip to the cafeteria hadnt taken too long, just a short walk though several security checkpoints and a long highway with black one way seeing glass. He knew he was always being watched, but he also knew it wasnt the TSA. His brother had told him about some strange feeling that he was being watched also, Jack wondered if the others in his squad felt the same way.

As jack breezed though the cafeteria door, he heard a familar voice,"Sup Jack" said ambroise drearily. Ambroise is 6 ft tall muscular black man with a deep voice. Ambroise's tired appearance showed that he was obviosly unprepared for Sarges "constructive management" this morning. A couple of other recruits nodded in greeting including a spikey haired guy,thusly named spike, and a smaller more vicious looking short guy with tatooes all over his arms named Adam sitting next to him.

Jack noded back to everyone, still lost in thought about his brother. His train of thought was soon lost when Sarah, the only female in his squad walked in, Jack noticed she was always had a sad look in her eyes, but he could never figure out why, nor did he particularly want to as although she was attractive, he figured any sort of relationship was futile as there was also a 50% fatality rate in the average TSA mission. At least he had heard it was 50% from the official TSA news, it was probably more...

Suddently a confident voice popped up from the background, alerting everyone to its presence. It was Lieutenant Jones the current authority for the base, since all the previous commanders had mysteriously dissapeared on training missions on nearby "safe" planets. Unlike most of the recruits Jack trusted Jones, knowing him in his old corporate guard days.

<span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:blue'>First Blood</span></span>
"Ok guys, your little vacation is over, we have initiated a new string of missions near the planet Zeta. Most of you will participate in the upcoming missions so stay frosty. For now each of you should be recieving a new briefing message on your arm computer, your WILL go to your respective room where a officer will debrief you....any questions?"
"good now move your overfed A**es to your briefing room." With this lieutenant Jones turned and strode out of the room.

Several if the recruits looked tense and uncertain whether to move, some looked just damn scared when they finished looking over their pre-brief mission data. Jack guessed that although many had combat experiance, none had been issued missions as severe as this, most of them were probably spirited desk jockeys and rent-a-cops. However they slowly began to file out of the cafeteria.

Jack, not caring much about pre-briefs skipped his arm reading and simply glanced over to his squad saying "guess we should get moving eh?" in a solemm way. After a few groans the entire group began moving to their briefing room.

In the black windowed hallway Jack boldly asked out loud to his teamates, "hey you guys know whos watching us anyway?" None of them replied or even acknowledge his comment. Jack felt pretty errie and pretty stupid for blurting out something that could possible end his career, maybe his squadmates would tell him something later?
Briefing room
After setteling into their seats Jacks squad began idle talk before Lieutenant Jones and Sarge strode into the room.

"Gentlemen" Sarge begins "I am giving you grunts the Honor of listening to Lieutenant Jones, I SUGGEST you give him your full attention, Lieutenant Jones?"

"Thank you Sargent, well, as you all know, for first time TSA recruits the CO gives the briefing, well I'm him I guess, so listen up cus' I'm going to cut most of the crap out of these normally tedious briefings and get straight to the mission."

"Oh, I've forgotten to tell you, although most of the men in this base are only recruits you have been selected as the cream, feel lucky that you have the best squadmates to cover your back and know that as the cream we will be sending you to hell whenever we deem it necessary. Your new call sign is Fox Squadron."

"As of 4 days ago, one of our sub bases, L15, has been rotating around the planet Zeta but has failed to establish any human contact with us as of yet. However its AI has continued to communicate with us by transmiting data and film of what went wrong onboard."

Jack was amazed as the entire room darkened and a projector screen displayed the scene from a security camara.

3 Men were crounching and holding their sides huddled around a corner, one of the men had a pistol, the others were unarmed. Jack leaned forward and noticed that all 3 were freezing to death.

One of the men was rocking back and forth, humming/mumbling incoherently, the other two were crying with their tears frozen to their cheeks. Suddenly a scream from some unknown location, blood splatters on the floor in the corner of the cameras field of vision, and the 3 men start freaking out. A brown creature with spiked feet blurs onto the screen and charges out from the blood splatter side, running like a bat out of hell towards the 3 men.

For some reason the Screen goes blank but everything is still audible. Gunshots ring out and a man cries out in pain, then a unhuman screech is heard and a huge explosion occurs....then nothing but static silence.

<span style='color:blue'><span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Preparations</span></span>
The screen was stilled and Jones's voice sounds out, his distubance was freakishly unsetteling as Fox squad was still in shock from the video, they might have been good, but they hadnt been adapted to this kind of horror. It was strange how Jones could maintain his military disipline, and with it Jack found an even stronger respect for his commander.

"As you already should know and have guessed, the Kaharra have infested and overrun the station, that brown creature is known as a "skulk", dont underestamate their size, they are vicious devils." "why is he telling me this" Jack thought "it isant necessary, that damn thing slaughtered those civvies" for the first time in awhile Jack felt a tingle of fear.

Jones continued on,"Your objectives are to enter and establish a base, link into the system connecting to the AI and finally to eliminate the Kaharra presence. Also there might be what is referred to as a "Hive" inside the base, no doubt you already know about this as you have read your pre-brief," "oh s**t" thought jack "be sure to remove it immediatly."

After saying this Jones paused for a while contimplating something and finally saying, "although I'm not supposed to be saying this, if you fail to eliminate the Kaharra, Sargent Akins will have a nuclear device in his pack. I am telling you this in the trust that you will use it appropietly and not out of cowardice."

Back in the bunker
What was interesting about Jacks bunker was the fact that it connected to its own hanger, Fox squad was totally isolated from others per TSA pre-battle regulations, the only thing to do in the bunker was to wait.

Jack didnt like being confined for too long, he could tell by the look on most of the Fox member's faces that they felt the same. However, some, like Ambroise were having fun trying to impress others, Ambroise had donned his heavy armor and made a firing guesture with his modifide HMG. Jack heard Ambroise bragging about how he had created a bullet feeder from his backpack to his HMG so he never had to reload. Jack had a few tricks up his sleeve as well, he didnt feel very secure with his pump shottie so he smuggled aboard another identicle shottie that used slugs instead of buck-shot. Luckily he had made an agreement with Sarge about its use.

For the next hour he simply meditated and relaxed, trying to take his mind off his brother, women, conspiracies, and the fact that a bloodthirsty alien could rip his head from his shoulders with ease.

...........Half hour later.

A alarm rang and the huge bulkhead doors leading into their hanger opened. Jack heard one of the recruits ask Sarge "who will be the base commander for the mission?", Sarge gruffly replied that he would but from then on in the AI would handle it, Sarge wasnt a commader type of person, he would rather get back to fighting.

Walking down the catwalk bothered Jack some, he had a slight phobia of heights, guess he would have to learn to tolerate them.

Jack walked into the small military shuttle followed by the rest of fox squadron. He was beginning to feel nausious and began breathing excersices to calm himself down, but all he could chant inside his head was "i hope i dont die......i hope i dont die...." as the shuttle's doors closed.


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    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:blue'>Fox's First Strike</span></span>
    psssttttt chunk, zzzzz psssstttttt...chunk.....zrrrrrrr

    Jack listened to the beat of the shuttles engines, there wasnt much to do in space. He looked over to Sarah, only to find she was sitting closely next to him, unlike most of the recruits who kept a steady distance.

    "what is she doing..." thought jack before interuptted by her hand on his sholder pad.

    "Jack, im scared." She almost like she was going to cry. Jack was so alarmed he barly knew what to do, he decided to wrap his arm around her neck for comfort.

    "dont u luk like a purty couple.hehehehe" came from Ambroise, normally Jack would be pi**ed, but coming from somone as large and burly as him it was somewhat comical.

    Jack found his confidence reganed from Sarah and with brushing his hand over his massive shotgun "Lets get this over with, I'm gonna kill those *******" jack thought with a grim smile over his face.
    The shuttle doors had opened, Jack and Ambroise took a step forward, crotching so that spike and Adam would also provide cover fire. Fox squad began to advance slowly into the center of the room.

    The entire room was lighted red, and it was freezing, Jack was happy the TSA had given their squad thermo suits under their armor. The entire area was pretty large, there was vents all around the celing, a glass observation room in front of them had blood sprayed on the window with lights flickering, a bulkhead door below that, and finally a small "Space Starbucks" store in the corner of the room.

    A man ran out of the starbucks screaming something and running at Fox Squad,"damn" though jack "how could there still be civvies still in here", but unfortunatly a skulk hearing the man's shrieks fell from the celing and bit into his skull, almost tearing it into half.

    "Holy S**T yell Ambroise as all of fox squad raised their weapons and perforated the small beast." The skulk lay full of holes on the cold metal floor, green blood ozzed from its body, it sputtered a few times but finally its head collapsed on the floor.

    "Hendrix" yelled Sarge "check it."

    Hendrix, a smaller recruit walked up to it and prodded it with his LMG, turning around he waved the all clear and stood with ease,.........before falling to the floor in pain. A Small circular hole had burned its way through his armor and into his back. The "dead" skulk had been waiting and shot something at Hendrix.

    Fox squad immediatly ran over to Hendrix and covered him in a circular formation, with Ambroise crushing the small-half dead skulks's head in with his boot.

    "dont forget to watch the celine" yelled Sarge

    Johnson immediatly noticed something, "hey guys" he said, "look at the observation room." Jack looked too, something tall and shaped like a human was standing there watching them.

    "its a fade" said Sarge"dont worry about him just yet, our base is more important "jack go and link into one of the ip ports into the wall, we need that AI to give us a command chair."

    Jack immediatly sat down against the the corner of the wall and slid the connection wires from his helmet into the wall jack. The rest of Fox squad stayed in positon, it looked like Hendrix was still ok for duty from the way he was standing, the emergency medic was taking care of him.

    The link was established and a AI synthesized voice came into his helmet.

    <span style='font-family:Arial'>"Good morning Jack S., I am the Standard TSA AI with upgraded multifunction protection capabilities, currently V3.0, you may call me Eva. What do you require?....."</span>

    "Eva, this is Jack with the TSA marine squadron Fox,ID Code 950, I need you to drop a command center in the middle of this docking bay and setup a standard base, with extra turrets for safty. I also want you to go wireless in my helmet so I can access you easier."

    <span style='font-family:Arial'>"Done, do you have a secondary request?"</span>

    15 or so different base parts fizzed into existence thanks to the help of nanites. Fox Squad jumpted to the task of building while Jack unplugged his helmet cord and conversed with Eva via wireless.

    "Eva can you do a full scan of this station and give me a status report?"

    <span style='font-family:Arial'>"Already done Jack, Main systems are offline, however emergency systems are still functioning and the automatic security turrets have not been turned on, All base staff have been killed. I read a living anonomaly in the entertainment sector, possibly a hive. Permission to reactivate and control all Security and Emergency systems?"</span>
    Jack couldnt believe it, having automatic sentry turrets activated in the base could mean the Kaharra could be wiped out simply with the AI's control. "Permission Granted" he replied.

    Nothing happened for awhile. Jack gave Sarge a rundown of his conversation, Sarge was obviously pleased at the AI's capibilities as Jack was. The base had already been completed and Sarge took control of the Command chair, dropping extra ammo and turrets. Sarge had even found new ammo schematics logged into the base computers and soon replaced Fox squadrons ammo with the new improved version. The base looked damn impressive and everything seemed to be going great.

    Jack was beginning to think this mission was a cake walk, except for that damn Fade in the observation room,"what is he doing?" thought Jack.

    Suddently explosions and machine gun fire sounded all around the base.

    <span style='font-family:Arial'>"Jack I have bad news, although the Sentry guns have been activeted, the Khara have destyed the majority, furthur mor i am Lsing contrl of MY sistems I am dr0ping a cleen AI Copy N0w, dont Lose it!"</span>

    A large blue chip fell onto the floor near Jacks feet, he quickly took it and put it into a computer slot in his helmit, with this he could access Eva later for help.

    Jack continued to try to communicate with the old Eva access but to no avail, until something contacted him back.

    <span style='font-family:Arial'>""</span>

    "oh S**T Sarge we have some serious problems!"

    Unhuman screaming came from all directions of the base, Jack and the rest of his Squad all took up defensive positions behind structures or corners. Suddently a Tremendous roar came from behind the bulkhead doors. The Fade in the observation room began moving and scraped its claws against the door controls activating the Bulkhead doors. "WE GOT INCOMING" Sarge yelled as he scrambled out of the Command Chair after dropping medkits over the floor .

    Skulks began pouring out of the opening crack of space between the metal bulkhead door. All of fox Squardons marines started firing into flood of skulks coming from the bulkhead door opening, with devestating effects, however the flow of skulks never stopped. The fade previosly in the observation room broke through the glass and with a single motion almost flew right on top of the turret factory, slashing a huge hole into it, and disabling the turrets in the process. A marine close by began to fire at the fade, but was stoped abruptly, as a single claw reached out from the fade and sliced through the marines chest.

    A pile of dead skulks was forming around the door, several were able to get though and desperatly tried to reach the base, usually unsucsessfully, as multiple rounds of ammunition was pumpted into each body.

    Jack looked up from where he was shooting at the door and noticed the fade gliding right at him with inhuman speed. Jack was almost able to point his gun at the fade before it lept at him, slashing at his body armor, its yellow eyes flickering with blood lust. Jack was flung into a wall at first contact with the fade giving him just enough distance to raise up his slug shottie. "See you in hell you son of a bi**h" Jack yelled as he pulled the trigger and the "head" of the Fade blew off, leaving a lifeless body flung on top of Jack.

    Jack tried to get the body off him as fast as possible, but couldnt, he was able to raise his right arm and grasp his TSA issued shottie though, blasting several skulks that figured he was dead.

    After what seemed to be a half hour of fighting the battle seemed to be over, the skulks were laying dead on the floor, with several marines laying with them, faces torn off, or skulks still attached to their body.

    Jack saw several recruits rush around him, tending to wounded marines. "hey somone help me over here" Jack yelled.

    A hand lifted the fade off him, Jack felt a searing pain run around his stomach, a medic was called over. Appearantly Jack wasnt unharmed either. One of the fades claws had been driven into his body when it fell on him. Jack could hardly believe he handnt noticed, "probably distracted with the battle" Jack thought to himself.

    He felt better when he got a few medkits to heal his wound, however he still needed help walking, Sarge lifted him to his feet.

    "howya feeling son?"
    "like crap Sarge"he replied.
    "thats good, cuz were not even done here yet!"

    With that ironic statement the docking bays lights went out and the entire room was pitch black, only the marines flashlights illuminated parts of the room.
    More unhuman Screams echoed though the bay this time, but an even deeper crie rang out.

    Five or so flashlights went straight to the strange noise, a Massive Beast with a massive horn and seething eyes was charging right at the shocked marines and their broken base. Even more Skulks followed behind it, it was hopeless.

    "ONOS!!!" was the last words of a marine closest to it before be was gored and flung over to the side like a puppet. The Onos continued charging, blood was running from its horn to its mouth, incensed even more by bullets and driven into a deeper berserking rage by the blood it drove on, not even hampered by the base structures, but simply crushing or ramming into them without stop.

    "fall back to the Shuttle dammit" yelled sarge
    Sarge, still grasping Jack, dragged him across the room, while Amrboise covered the two all the way back with his HMG's constant fire racking the Onoses Tough head shell.

    Jack could see several others retreat back into the shuttle, but not that many... most were laying on the floor impaled with spikes. The last thing Jack saw was the Shuttles doors closing while the Huge Onos charged at it desperatly trying to close the distance. Then a spike rammed into his chest and everything went black.
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    "...............jack.........jack......jaCK...JACK CaN You hEAr Me?" out of the corner of jacks mind he could hear Sarah

    Jack was drifting in and out of consiousness, laying on the hospital bed, all he could feel was pain drifting throug his body, throbbing with every heartbeat"
    "Jack, your lucky your not crippled, the effects of the poision should be wearing off soon." sarge spoke

    Spike, Sarge, Adam, Sarah were standing around Jacks bed, he didnt see anyone else but he figured most of Fox Squadron was either visiting other wounded friends,or dead...

    "Gentlemen, anthough you took heavy losses your missions were sucessful" said lieutenant Jones from someplace

    "Where am I?" wondered Jack. He wasnt in the hospital wing?, "those ****! They wheeled me right into the conference room!" he murmered.
    "suck it up sonny" whispered Sarge.

    As Jack turned his head he noticed all the other squadrons were there, it was probably the general debriefing.

    "As most of you all know" Jones continued "few of your groups actually succseded in eliminating the Kaharra by Marine force and thus had to retreat, however, every group was able to collect vital data on both the Kaharra and any research designs from your missions, all of your missions landed you on infected reasearch outposts. Basically gentlemen, the TSA put you on those outposts so you could advance our tecnology by stealing it from other corporate branches."

    "I know this may be somewhat disillusioning for you to hear, but with the tecnology gained you may have just put TSA forces on even ground with the Kaharra. You saved alot of lives today, even if it was costly in the shortrun. We are alrready creating prototype weapons, which will be available to you in our training simulations."

    "furthurmore all of the previous mission sites were destroyed by nuclear arms that your mission commanders carried so we did eradicate Kaharra anyway."

    "take a break, you guys earned it"


    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:blue'>.........3 Days later, holographic Training room</span></span>

    "oh yeah suckit" Jack yelled as he turned a skulk into swis cheese with his Custom Machinegun with grenade launcher attachment, then switched to his slug shottie and blew the a hole though the middle of another skulk.
    Sarah was with him, strutting around with her own Prototype Heavy armor and HMG. Spike was with them too, although he preferred a black napalm flame thrower, burning a advancing fade down to its bones.

    Suddently the entire rooms power shut off
    "what the f.."
    Then the lights went back up

    "this is lieutenant Jones, a foreign object has just collided with the ship, it seems to be a living organism, get to the armory, arm youselves and prepare for the worst"

    Jack was thankful that the training room provided weapons, ammo and armor, and strapped himself into a prototype HA. Spike took a jetpack and some extra grenades. Everyone took a backpack for extra ammunition and ammo. Two other marines were with them at the time and suited themselves up with the standard TSA HMG/HA/Welder mix.

    Alarm Lights began to flash, indicating a hostile intrusion. Jack and crew ran their fastest to the command station which was only a short distance away, it was uneventful, as the situation was just developing, but they still kept on their toes.

    Command Deck
    "Lieutenant, whats going on? asked Jack.
    "dammit, there are aliens running around on my ship thats whats up! One of your squadmates...i think Hendrix came back with a f**king parasite in him, the Kaharra were able to locate us with it!"
    "What do we d....."
    "dammit i dont have time to give your orders, just run down to the general bunkers and assist any Marine to the armory. We still have men holding both. Dammit we werent prepared for this!"

    ill post the rest when i figure out how im gonna organize it...also if you see ANY ERRORS just send me a message-itl make the story less bad+ ill be busy for awhile adding to and modifying what i have up here so far.
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    nice story. bit of spelling errors here and there but i dont think u care anyway. 1 point. the fade seems too powerful. i whack and a big hole in the TF? a bit unrealistic. other than that, fine.

    o yeah. when u wanna do dialogue it goes like this

    "blah blah blah blah," said Mr blah.

    u didnt put the comma.
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    other than the dialoge suggestion I have a couple of my own

    how were the three people who get killed by the xenocide freezing to death? were they in a freezer? were they outside? you just state that they are freezing to death... I love how he is taking the illegal boosters, perhaps they should truly come in handy? I'm guessing that was the hivemind talking to them thru the defuncted AI channel, and what ever happend / is going to with the ai copy?

    keep up the fantastic work
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