Au: Telstra Gamearena Opens Its National Ladder

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Australia's Largest gaming network, Telstra GameArena is launching its natural selection ladder for another season.

This season GA's ladder will see the new version of NS (b5) be put to the test, with revised and refined rules, a new ladder crew including ref's and ladder admins, and not to mention a server on offer as the prize for the winners!

The ladder is currently in Free Play mode, registered teams can challange at will, and the official ladder will start on the 10th of November and all teams (providing they use the required software to access the GA network) are welcome to play, this is not just limited to Australia and NZ smile-fix.gif

To register, reregister, or update your team and its information please visit;

If you have any questions or queries please direct them to the GA NS forums at;
or find a gameop/ref in the NS channel on The Arena (Telstra GameArena's complete gaming platform, allowing you to play almost any game on their network)
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