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<div class="IPBDescription">and WMP</div> I'm wanting WMP to play dvds, since i'm too cheap to buy DVD software. I dled Stinky's mpeg 2 codec and installed it. Got no error messages or hint that anything is wrong but
1) WMP does not see the codec and therefor will not play DVDs
2) MPEG-2 codec is not listed in the Sounds and Audio devices> Hardware> Video Codecs

I ran Gspot v2.5 to double check if the codec was installed, and it see the codec just fine. Anyone know how i can fix this (aside from not being a cheap bastard)?

Edit: I do have a functional DVD-R drive, so that's not an issue


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    Download DVD playing software + this should be in off topic
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    Your DVD drive should have came with DVD playing software. Once it is installed WMP will have the necessary MPEG Decoder to play the DVDs inside it instead of the other app.
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    wmp sucks for dvd playback
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    this is an old hand-me-down computer i got from a family member, so alot of things like packaged software didn't come with it. I've gotten WMP to play dvds before by dling the Nemo codec package, but for some reason it turned all my other movie files upside down.
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    literal upside down?

    that would be so very cool.

    try Media Player Clasic. Might work better <!--emo&:)--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile-fix.gif' /><!--endemo-->
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    yea, upside down and backwards. first time it happened i was all 'WTH?' then i just used nvidias screen rotation to fix it.
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    It turned them upside down becouse the nemo pack probably uses an old divx encoder.
    Nemos pack is a pain, use k-lite pack and you will be fine.

    Also, don't use WMP for the love of gods.
  • RipurRipur Join Date: 2002-11-05 Member: 7193Members
    Thanks for the tip on k-lite codec pack
    works great. till i can find a crack of windvd or money to purchase it, wmp will just have to do.
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    Speaking of codecs, anyone know that giant pack from most file types?
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    The k-lite pack is tho most biggest codec pack i ever downloaded (18.1mb)
    <!--QuoteBegin--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td><b>QUOTE</b> </td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin-->Feature list:
    - Media Player Classic
    - DivX Pro Decoding 5.1.1
    - DivX Pro Encoding 5.1.1
    - DivX MPEG-4 Low and Fast motion
    - XviD Decoding 1.0.1 2004-06-05
    - XviD Encoding 1.0.1 2004-06-05
    - 3ivX Decoding D4 4.5.1
    - 3ivX Encoding D4 4.5.1
    - Windows Media
    - Windows Media
    - Windows Media VCM
    - On2 VP3
    - On2 VP6 Decoding
    - On2 VP6 Encoding
    - Cyberlink DVD decoder
    - Ligos Indeo XP 5.2820.15.58
    - Intel Indeo
    - Intel Indeo
    - Intel I.263
    - Huffyuv 2.2.0
    - MS MPEG-4
    - Ligos/Elecard/Mainconcept MPEG-2 demuxers & decoders
    - Fraunhofer MP3 DirectShow decoder
    - WMA DirectShow decoder
    - AC3 DirectShow decoder 0.70b mod
    - AC3 ACM decoder 0.7
    - Ogg Vorbis DirectShow decoder (CoreVorbis) 1.0b5
    - AAC DirectShow decoder (CoreAAC) 1.0b9
    - MusePack DirectShow decoder
    - Voxware DirectShow decoder
    - Monkey's Audio DirectShow decoder 1.00
    - LAME MP3 ACM 3.96
    - Ogg Vorbis DirectShow filters
    - Matroska DirectShow splitter
    - DirectVobSub (vsfilter) 2.33
    - Matrix Mixer 0.30b
    - SHOUTcast Source
    - Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher 0.9.9
    - DivX Anti-Freeze 0.4
    - GSpot Codec Information Appliance 2.21 build 030711
    - FourCC Changer
    - Bitrate Calculator<!--QuoteEnd--></td></tr></table><div class='postcolor'><!--QuoteEEnd-->
    It's full of useles crap, but you will never ever need another codec! <!--emo&:D--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin-fix.gif' /><!--endemo-->
    There are also other lite versions of this pack without the junk.
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    Feh. I used to use the K-Lite Codec Pack, but I switched because I wanted to be able to update codecs. <!--emo&;)--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='wink-fix.gif' /><!--endemo-->

    Just install PowerDVD or something, by the way. If they have a trial, use that as means to install the DVD decoder.
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    Repeat after me kids. Codec packs = Crap. ffdshow = good.
  • RipurRipur Join Date: 2002-11-05 Member: 7193Members
    and what is an ffdshow?
  • jumpingjodajumpingjoda Join Date: 2003-12-14 Member: 24367Members, Constellation, Reinforced - Shadow
    Latest ffdshow build = 17.6.2002
    Does it actually work with the newest divx encoded clips?
  • CreepieCreepie Join Date: 2003-02-19 Member: 13734Members
    ffdshow is much better than that codec packs. Codec packs install all kinds of weird and conflicting crap. I think all I've got is ffdshow and ac3 codecs installed and use Windows Media Player classic to play media.
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    Have a look at this one:
    I think you can use other players that don't need install any codec packs, such as vcl
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