Bookable Ns Servers

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I posted this in the main forum, then realised is should probably go here instead, sorry.

Does anyone here know of any bookable ns servers (anywhere in the world). I know BY used to do some, but they closed. I think a few people have run some on and off, but i cant seem to find ANY at the moment.

Doesnt matter if they cost money to book, or are free, please list any servers or companies/organisations that you know of.



  • SionSion Join Date: 2004-09-10 Member: 31572Members
    My servers should be back up soon and I will be having 2 bookable multi mod servers

    see me in IRC m8
  • SloppyKissesSloppyKisses omgawd a furreh! Virginia Join Date: 2003-07-05 Member: 17942Members, Constellation
    <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

    Its not bookable but they do have some pretty nice prices and awesome low ping. Maybe you should just think about getting a 24/7 server
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    If you are needing a server for clanmatches You can contact me at
    I run 2 servers at the moment.
    IF you need one for an hour (or less) for a clan match Im sure we can figure something out.
    I dont know if im allowed to post the ip's in here (it would seem like im advertising my servers so I wont)
    If you need to check pings out you can go to and click on the servers menu on the left.
    One server at the time of this post is runing beta 4a the other is beta 5
  • QuickshiftserversQuickshiftservers Join Date: 2004-10-13 Member: 32236Members
    if ya need a server for clan match im me or email me
    we can work a deal
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