Fade Srats'

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3 Hives - Scent of Fear, Redemption, -YOUR CHOICE-
2 Hives - Scent of Fear (Or Adrenaline), Redemption
1 Hive - Redemption

Hide around corners and wait until you see an unlucky bastard with your SoF and slice him up when he runs by or you could some okay base raids if your not used to Fades.


3 Hives - Redemption, Silence, Cloaking
2 Hives - Redemption, Cloaking (Or Silence)
1 Hive - Redemption

This is the best strategy that I have thought of for base raids. Walk in undetected (Assuming they are too busy fightin other foes to see you with motion tracker or don't have motion tracker.) and get up close to an enemy and unleash hell upon all who oppose you!!! This is also good for defending your Hives.

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    Redemption is the worst upgrade possible for fade. Cloaking comes in at a close second.

    Typically, you'd want to go regen/celerity/focus. But, if youre inexperienced as fade, carapace and adrenaline can be used instead of regen/celerity.

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    When your against good marines you WILL need celerity in order to survive, unless you don't intend going anywhere near groups of marines. You will also probably need carapace or regen, i suspect redemption will lead to a trip back to the hive before you can do anything.
    Btw does anyone have any tips for useing the fade without celerity as i usually find im sitting on the ground walking after marines becuase i have no adren or trying to blink away when i hit zero and it dumps me on the floor in front of that shotgunner.
    The joys of the two hive fade is the best thing in ns atm as far as im concerned. With a little cover and somewhere to retreat and metab you can take on an outpost staffed by ha.
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    I find cara-cele a decent combo. That 100 armor saves lives- but you need meta or a hive to back it up.
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    Meta is slow. :x
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    This is completely offtopic but:

    I played the metroid prime throu last weekend!!!
    I think meta ridley was way too cooler than prime, althou i liked that sound of the core essence (the little octopus y know?)
    + prime was wayyyy to easyyyy
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    i always go cara, cele aswell, and focus is more of a luxury on 3 hives.

    that extra 100 ap really does keep you alive, as someone mentioned earlier.

    A good trick it to learn blink bunnyhop, its actually pretty easy if you can bunny hop with other lifeforms.

    Its the same really, exept you have to control your pitch aswell, which is tricky cus you have to try and keep your mouse at the same y axis as you turn. It is easy to blink up off the ground which will slow you down a bit, the aim is not really to fly but get the maximum range of fastest speed out of each blink. Which means you wana be about 1mm off the ground at all times.

    This is very handy as one hive fade without MCs.

    Also when you attack, first swipe standing and duck for the second, not only do you dodge his fire (well to some extent anyway) but usually marines will try to duck to dodge your swipes and you will get him.

    Also, against JP'rs, always try to engage them in confined spaces, as you often wont even need to use blink (just corner them in somewhere)

    If you do have to engage in open spaces often is it easier just to stand on the ground and wait for them to fall, what goes up, must come down biggrin-fix.gif

    And always be aware of heavy weapons and dont get to cocky, even 2 marines with upgraded SG can deck you very, very quickly.

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    bleh redemption is way too risky for a fade upgrade.

    just get cara if there are rines near ur hive and it is in great danger. but normally regen is the upgrade for defence chamber.

    for movement chamber, there is a lot of controversy about whether celerity or adren or even silence is the best upgrade. i tend to stick with cele 90% of the time and it works best for me. adrenaline is never really a problem, and silence i just rarely get : / probably i should experiment with it more to see if it works well. it definately is good with skulks tho.

    for sensory, i usually take focus when rines move in packs and have strong weapons or if there are jpers. otherwise sof.
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    I prefer carapace over regeneration as a fade any time, especially when defending the hive. The regen is quite slow too, and the trip to hive and heal is as fast as standing in one spot with meta and regen. Celerity is a must really for a fade, unless you're not going to attack marines but elec buildings only, then adrenaline is your best friend.

    But on the other hand fade isnt supposed to attack buildings (unless they're electrified).
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    i prefer regen over carapace. The down time of meta + higher armour means i take my sweet time if i get hurt a lil. With regen + meta i heal up very very fast so it lets me harass more.

    Cloak is a no no. If you want to a rine use blink. Walking while cloak fade is amazingly slow. Redemption is iffy. I get it with onos because its a big cash saver. But with fade he dies so fast one his armour is gone its very risky(unless in co when u have cara + redeem).

    Im not a **** when it comes to blinking, blink in taps not holds so you dont need adreneline(if u have quick fingers u can meta right after u tap blink to recover stamina). Celerity helps me hit marines once i land as i find none celerity fade to be about the same move speed of a normal rine. So if he runs about it can be hard catching him. A very good HMG rine vs adrene + cara fade will win unless he does single swipe retreat because he'll get hit back by first swipe using knockback(i know its 1/2 what it was but a smart rine can still get some distance with it).

    3rd hive acid rocket isnt competely useless either. 1 or 2 rockets will lower a rine's hp/armour a bit. It helps soften targets, useless at killign them tho. 3rd hive armour bonus is teh pwn benefit tho. and focus is good at swipe in runs(vs chains you have to :/)
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    w/ one hive - Regen (No meta) unless you have gorge support, if so, do carapace,
    w/ two hives - Cara / celer
    w/ 3 hives - Cara / Celer / Focus

    ive never even seen a fade use redemp

    well, a live one that is
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    Due to current minor nerfs on fade. you realy have to be carefull about spending to much energy in a fight.

    silence fades are great if they dont have motion tracking. but usualy celerity is the top choice of most fades because youll usualy have meta, and you go about twice as far with blink with celerity.
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    Defense Chambers:
    Regen is a must for long term harrassing/offensive fades.

    Carapace is adviseable when you are going fade, gestating, and marines have started an offensive on your hive that can't be easily routed with skulks. However with carapace if you successfully defend the hive, you'll have to be a lot more careful without regen. Don't stray too far from the hive unless you can get back to the hive through two easily navigatable routes.

    Redemption, worst upgrade ever for a fade. Marines with shotties can kill you before redemption ever kicks in and if you're facing lmgs, its more of a bonus for the marines than for you because lmgs try to scare fades away, they can't really kill them. Chances are you want to blink away for a few seconds to regen, then kill the half dead lmg marines, except redemption takes you back to the hive when you were in no real danger.

    Movement Chambers:
    Celerity is probably the best movement upgrade for a fade, its incredible speed boost makes experienced blinkers almost invincible. It also provides a quick escape when ambushed by a shotgun squad. Faster speed also equates to more distance covered with the same amount of energy usage.

    Silence is interesting, never really used it before but in theory it can be very powerful if you're big on hit-run-hit attacks, letting the marines lose track of you.

    Adrenaline, almost never used if you know how to budget your energy well since speed is always better. But sometimes if the plan is to do a base rush, I would get adrenaline so I wont run out of swipes while mauling their base and killing any marines that respawn.

    Sensory Chambers:
    Focus is the primary upgrade for most fades since it deals greater amount of damage per swipe, complimenting the hit and run fade tactics very well. Accompanied by a lerk, light marine squads have no chance.

    Scent of Fear is an interesting option, especially if you're more of a defending fade. This way marines won't be able to sneak PGs without you knowing. It also warns you if any ambushing shotgun marines which is the best counter against fades.

    Cloak, don't ever get it with a fade. It only limits and lowers the fades effectiveness. The fade's most effective enhancement over other aliens is its speed, cloaking counters that. I couldn't believe it but I've seen cloak walking fades in pubs before, that just boggles my mind.
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    Cloaking is a really bad upgrade when you have skill...

    I've seen cloaked onos in combat, that was patheticaly stupid.

    Me Celerity, regen, sof or focus. Metabolise really rocks.
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    regen celerity sof
    regen adren focus

    i tend to be very hit n run with focus and like to blink up and down. tends to be harder with celerity cuz i like to play wwith the marines for a while but without focus i dont have the energy to hit them 2-4 times and get away safely =|

    btw, silence on pubs is always fun. biggrin-fix.gif
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    You want to get some powerful practice, fade in combat with only one upgrade. For a real challenge, make it a movement or sensory upgrade. If you can dance with shotgunners as 1-hive fade, you'll be on your way to being skilled.
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