Should I Even Bother With Cal This Season?

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I don't have an average PC.
Should I even bother with CAL this season? I was invited to a team because they couldn't find anyone else.

I run the game at around 20 fps. A good five of the maps are unplayable due to some odd frame rate issues. (Bast)

Ever since one of the patches (I forget which) came out, phase gates / flash lights lag me to no end. All a marine has to do is switch on his light and GG me sad-fix.gif.

The team has no good comm (Well I could comm, but it'd have to be without phase gates. That isn't happening.), only two of the members have played for a long time. (Me and one other).

I'm not too enthusiastic about CAL, or NS in general until I get a better PC anyway.

Should I enlist in CAL this season? Or just not bother.

I can rape pubs, but no idea how 20 fps willt take me this season (Too me pretty far last season. But that was before the phase gates / flashlights caused unbearable lag.)
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