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European channel gather

(hope a similar topic hasn't been already wrote, but search didn't give anything =) )

So, here's the European gather channel initiated by amarc.
Gather can be launched at anytime, by any admins.

Rules :
-No lameurs (= F4 lame for example ^^)
-No newbies (= you muss respect strategics, be TeamPlay, get concept of Bunny-Hop,...)
-You muss speak currently English (= not like me biggrin-fix.gif)
-You need to get ventrilo 2.1.4 (not ventrilo, no game)
-Don't add yourself if you don't get enough time.
-Be sympathic !

All people who don't respect any of this rule will be banned temporaly.

Commands :

Special thanks to :
http://www.get-selected.de (#get-selected)

see ya !
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