Some Sensory Strategies (explained)

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With the last clan I was in (and started) called Tactical Domination I wrote several sensory strategies that I thought I would share for everyone and it would hopefully in courage more use of sensory in the public and competitive play. These were wrote about a month ago (using B4a).


I believe I have two more but I will have to look for them. Enjoy ...
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    While I appreciate the effort you put into this, two important design issues: Your background color is too dark and there's too much block text. So, increase the contrast a bit and trim/break up the text a bit.

    I mean, I could have written something to this affect myself, but I still had to stare at it a minute to figure out what you were talking about.

    The hera one is much much better than the caged, though. I can find stuff biggrin-fix.gif

    And, please people, put your scs in good places like that! They don't do any good if they get killed or aren't around to cloak you when you need them.
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    hiding sc's is great fun, u need creativity and map knowledge. although sc's aren't as used or viable as in early 2.0. *hint* go unchain.

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    unchain? *points to avatar*

    I personally would use the vent between holoroom and archiving (covering reception and holoroom) with the other one in holoroom you placed, this allows you to cover the 4 resnodes on that side provided the marines cannot break this area. With an additional one placed appropriately somewhere in processing you could cover a fair amount of the map.

    The nice close areas on the ventilation side of the map seem to favour a maintainance-processing hold also, but the weldable to datacore could be a problem if unguarded tounge.gif

    Aside from the SC placement I do not see any mention to strategy though :x
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    dude turn off autohelp. Nice ideas
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    I left autohelp on incase people didn't know what I was looking at lol
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    #1 Links doesnt work anymore
    #2 2 Pictures dont make a strategy

    If your strategy is to place these SCs at these points...well...and? What happens then? If this is everything you have to offer you are really screwed...

    i hoped to find something really useful and innovative here...

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    Hey, with auto-help, you can see one cloaked building or player per game.

    This is a cloaked structure...hey thx auto help for showing me that sc!

    lol, anyway
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    fix the links plz lol
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    Broken links.

    Hera. Let me guess, because I'm a smarty and I know how to use SC just as well as any other chaimber. Put an SC in the weldable vent at Cargo, put an SC in the vent above the hallway between Hera reception and Holoroom, and put an SC in the small nook a few meters above the dark red resnode at the bottom of the Marine Start elevator. You now have 3 SCs in position to cloak any and all of the nearby rooms that marines need to expand into. Using cloak and focus with a SOF gorge to relay marine positions, you simply camp the closest three resnodes to marine base, and kill every single marine who tries to leave. You need around four or even five of your six-man team to be cloakfocus skulks, while you each take turns building RTs, the hive, more SCs, and going fade.

    Caged is simple to use SC in as well. You put an SC around the corner from Upper Sewer, an SC near double, and an SC in Stability Monitoring and you've covered the only three resnodes the marines can get to. Then you just camp, kill, and wait for the res for hive two/fades/whatever.

    Nobody should NEED a walkthrough of how and where to use SC. Sensory is easy if your team isn't stupid or isn't biased against SC (aka: stupid). All you do is put sensory around the first RTs marines are likely to grab, find somewhere smart to camp with focus, and play the game normally, IE: kill marines, prevent their expansion, and tech up.
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    The problem isnt the placement of SCs or the way to play it when they're up. The problem is to get them in place before the marines get through the area. This is alot harder and requires luck.
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    Can you please fix the links.. I really wanted to read them.
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