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MLO has recently undergone some turmoil with the disappointing unveiling of a long awaited updated site. We scrapped it and plan to release our all new site on
Labor day. The details and tweaks are being added. MLO was started in 2002.

Our NS league will be called Major League Natural Selection
We are offering a free ladder to all clans with both Pacific and an Atlantic conferrence.
We are also offering a Pro level, it offers clans a chance to play for money!
$150 will be the first seasons Pro Purse (minimum of 5 clans needed).
Cost for teams to join Pro is just $5 per season per team!

MLO has paid out over $1,500 to TFC and CS clans already.
Now we are expanding into the hottest newer mods including NS, Hostile Intent and DoD.

We are in need of staff for MLNS as our previous staff run by Lux has left to form their own league. You may want to check it out, Competitive Natural Selection with Lux running it, it will be good.

Contact me by email if you want to join MLO staff at [email protected] or see me in IRC #MLO
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