Voice chat crossover

MindmeldmeMindmeldme The Evil One Join Date: 2002-10-27 Member: 1637Members
<div class="IPBDescription">In game</div>I don't think this was a server thing at all but so far in all my servers and games i have been in I had a bunch of aliens tell us marines that they could hear our voice chat in game.  It didn't seem like they took to much advantage of this and I don't think this was a feature in the game so, thought I would ask about it.  

Other then that...outstanding maps...exceptional command setup and sweet Mod.  Seriously most of the bases I wandered though had dripping water all over...quick, spoky...reminded me of the first aliens.  Plus I had squad mates yelling in my ear about them coming out of the walls all over...  OUTstanding


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