Are Skulks Effective Late Game?



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    QUOTE (keep it *G*angsta @ Aug 22 2004, 02:20 AM)
    Instead, you must change from ambush/attack skulk to, RT hunter. One skulk that goes round just attacking RT's can be very helpful to the alien team, not only does it starve the marine team of res, but it can distract the commander and generally slows the marine team.

    This is really important. All the time at least one skulks should be dedicated to chew marine rts. And remember, it is much efficient to eat one rt at the time with 2 skulks and then move on than 2 rts with single skulk each. Marines wont have time to come rescue their valuable rt.

    Usually marines don't notice when one skulks eats their rts while they are sieging hive. You really need as much ppl to defend hive as possible, but usually it is good idea that someone will kill marine rts while they try to attack hive (it makes rest of team work much easier because all spawning marines wont have shotguns/HMGs).
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    Late game when rines are siegeing hive they seem to forget everything else...

    I have tasted the bitterness of this sooo many times. GJ 2. hive down and we got 1 rt and 12res..... If the aliens are even bit wiser your screwed with 1rt getting those sieged hive rt and few around it will take time aliens are pleased to have.....
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