Planet Fubar Incident Part 1.

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Ok this is looong, lots of reading...
I have taken some things from movies "Starship Troopers", "Starship Troopers 2" and "Dune", cause i like those movies. They are about alien = men war, well Dune isnt, but its a space sci-fi.

...:::THE BEGINNING:::...

"Our story begins in the year 2157, when mankind technology has advanced to unbelievable heights and Earths economy is blooming. Due to the discoverment of the warp technology in 2103, humans have travelled even in the furthest edges of galaxy. In 2049 unknown alien lifeform was discovered on planet Fubar, couple of days later, the Planet Fubar project was closed, silenced and governments denied any findings of intelligent alien lifeforms on that planet. The research team families were informed that the Research Teams Shuttle had crashed into the planet cause of a system error in the mainframe. One year later no-one even remembered Planet Fubar project.
In the year 2160, the project was re-opened and new research teams were sent on planet Fubar. 2 months was nothing heard from them, till August 23, an emergency distress signal came in to our Space Exploration and Research Center, SEARC for short. The message that was with the signal was half lost and weak, but we managed to recover most of it. It said, that they need evacuation immeadetly or they will all die and it will come on Earth if we dont do anyhting about it, It also said, that couple of people have seen them but mostly people were already dead before they could figure out whats going on. We dont understand what they were meaning by "it" and "them", but we can take a good guess that something is killing people on that planet and its not from our race...
We also got the time stamp from that signal and it was sent out 20 days before we recieved it. There's a very little chance that someone could be alive there, but we decided to send in the evacuation team to check for survivors and rescue them if there are any. Its all need-to-know basis so later i may explain more if the situation needs it. Good luck commander," says the SEARC operations manager, when he leaves the commanding bridge. You call Lieutenant Raymond to you and ask: "What's the situation lieutenant?"
Lieutenant Raymond: Everything is almost set, we are ready to leave in 10 minutes. We have moved mostly all our supplies on the board of our ship and all systems were double checked.
Commander Harrison: "Good, make sure we dont forget anything and also double check the supply list." Lieut Raymond runs away giving orders to some frontiersmen.
Amy Gerald walks up to Cdr Harrison: " Well, it seems this is the last time im going to see you here, well at least until you return. Here, take this necklace..."
You take a look on the necklace she gives you, theres a glittering stone hanging on a small chain made from leather. " It will bring you luck, godspeed Harrison, " she says as she hurries away downstairs giving you a warm look in your eyes.
You take a quick look over your belongings to see if you have forgotten to take something, put the necklace to your pocket and head out to the docking bay.


As you wake from hypersleep, you notice that all of your teammates are still in dreamland.
You dress yourself and go to the commanding bridge. Just when you get to sit down in the chair, the alarm light goes on. You fasten your seatbelt.
Cdr Harrison: "Computer, whats the damage report!?"
Board Computer: "Damage report, 0%" "Weird..., " you think... as you read the fuel and oxygen gauge, which are almost full.
Cdr Harrison: "Computer, start full ship scan and also scan for alien lifeforms!"
Board Computer: "Ship 100%, Alien lifeforms negative." "Damn...something MUST be wrong, if the alarm light goes on, " you think, turn the alarm right off and go to the lounge to get some coffee. As you sip your coffee little by little, you begin to wonder, why did you woke up before the others, because the hypersleep end timer was set exactly the same for everyone. You finally come to a conclusion, that it was probably the board comuter, but the computer is programmed to wake passangers from hypersleep only in extreme emergency. You feel cold shivers running down your back as you think of this.
Board Computer: "We are entering the Planet Fubar orbit" As some moments later you hear how the engines are shutting down.
Cause the automatic hypersleep end timer gets overridden when a commander is waked in an emergency situation, you had to manually wake up your teammates, which took 1 hour of hard work. "Damn, the SEARC made the systems so complicated, thank god it was i my special advanced training or it would'f taken 5 hours to wake them, " you think, as you end the last teammates hypersleep.
Cdr Harrison: "Good morning people! Had a nice nap? Well, time to get to work, Raymond, you will be in charge. Get yourself ready, I want to see you all on the deck after about 20 minutes, " you say, and go to the comm bridge.
Cdr Harrison: "Rafael! Here!"
Engineer Rafael: " Yes sir!"
Cdr Harrison: "Look, i need you to check out the hull, so get your space suit ready..."
Engineer Rafael: "But sir, it would be easier to perform a ship hull scan from the board computer, save the trouble and the time."
Cdr Harrison: "Well, i can tell you this much, i performed the full ship came up with nothing, but the emergency light was still on, the light itself might be faulty, but i doubt it.
Engineer Rafael: "Ok sir, I give a look at it immeadetly!" and he goes to get his spacesuit. You sit down in the commanding chair and take a dreaming look at the lights on the comm board, most of them are green, you even see a pink light, a cyan one and a couple of white ones. Lieut Raymond knocks on your shoulder, "Hey sir! Are you ok? Are you going to recieve that message? It shows its from Rafael."
Cdr Harrison: " Oh yes, sorry, i was just thinking..." and you press on the recieve button on the visual communications board. "Rafael, whats up?" you ask.
Engineer Rafael: " Well sir the hull is fine, but I found some strange organic gooey matter on our engines hull, i removed it, its probably nothing..."
Cdr Harrison: "Ok, you can come back now."

Thats it i give up writing i have no talent i just go and get fragged.
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