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Unless you live in Europe or are 3llt3 enough for CAL theres not a whole lot of options out there for us Yanks when it comes to NS ladders. Lets change that.

I've been running a H-L clan for 6 years now, we have been active in NS since the start. I currently run HLDM, NS, TFC, DOD and OZ servers.

I can provide time, servers, web space and html development. I will be dedicated. As long as I can get a little help from this community this will be a long term venture. I am commited to doing this.

I would need sql and php help with the ladder. Actually I would just need the ladder.

I think we should start with a COMBAT ladder and see what kind of response we get before moving into CLASSIC.

This has been the most outstanding group of people I've ever seen associated with a H-L mod. I know we can make this happen. If your interested in helping out in any way please post here, email or PM me.






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    before u starting this, it would be 1st nice if you read other post in this section, 2nd if you had read that, so why do you ask for help and dont help the people who did some steps before and want to also thinks for ns.
  • DEADscottDEADscott Members, Constellation Join Date: 2003-03-29 Member: 15022Posts: 663
    I've read most of the posts here for over a year. We've signed up for all the US leagues and ladders we could find, including the ones listed here. The problem is ALL of the fold within a month or two.

    But thanks for your input.
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    I suggest that you sign up for CAL. There are lots of new clans at your skill level, and CAL isn't going to die on you 2 weeks into the season.
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    there's no difference between CAL and any of the other leagues, there are clans that haven't won a single game yet, and some who never lose a game. if you want to get anywhere, scrim your clan more then once a week...
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    Rookie teams looking for newbie-friendly tournaments wouldn't want to play in CAL or any other competitive leagues. Scheduling is the biggest problem and you don't get much play. For new teams, it would be nice to have quick tournaments which last throughout a week or two. CAL is more of a marathon race. Every week stretches out, things happen in-between if you're not absorbed in scrimming the small selection of available clans and pillaging in pubs/pugs. So alternative tournaments are justifiable in the respect that players get to have fun at their own skill level.
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