[mconvrel] Big *** Knife

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Behold! One of the few good things to come out of CS. marine.gif
This lovely hand-crafted piece of stabbity goodness is made in the USA, heat-tempered, and hardened for maximum durability when rushing those pesky hives, getting rid of an annoying skulk, or just backstabbing your fellow marine in a FF-enabled match (you bastard). Yes indeed, you will be issuing much ph33r upon teh nubbish Kharaa with this piece. Included is a beautifully detailed v_ model, gorgeously crafted p_ model, and the sprites to complete it. Enjoy!

Model by Gigantor, skinmesh by Kurgan, skin by SolidSnake, animations by NS Team, conversion by Fox One. Converted from Counter-Strike, permission pending, model found at CS Nation. Fox One claims no credit other than simple conversion and sprite-making.

Get this 1337 |<|\|1|=3!!!1
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