Can You Taste The Fubar?

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Part one...
"This is bull ****!" commander Thompson shouted as he slammed his fist onto the desk. "How can you expect me to do this?! This is completely insane! You want me to take my team in there!" he points on a section of star map with a giant orange circle around it, then to a smaller red circle.

"That's right." One of the directors said.

Commander Thompson looked at the executive officer. He couldn't make out details of the mans face, you couldn't make out any of there faces, the room was so dimly lit, the horseshoe shaped table they all sat at was shrouded in shadow.

Thompson went on. "This is totally outrageous. not only do you want us inside the quarantine zone, but that facility has one of the largest concentrations picked up by the thermal satellites in the sector. I don't see what it is that's so important inside of a..a..research facility that's run by civilians!"

"Now were not sure if its infested by the alien threat." A female spoke across the blackness. "The facility was working on a new type of fusion energy headed by Dr.Swanson. There machine put off extraordinary amounts of heat that would have compromised the scans, its all the in the Intel briefing."

"Oh, right, the 'briefing', I'm sure that's full of great information that I could use." Thompson mocked as he spoke. "has anyone ever been to this facility? do you have Dr.Swanson? And on top of all this, the kharaa are attracted to heat and water sources, that place could be jam-packed with those animals. it would be suicide too..."

"That will be enough." A voice interrupted, it sounded to come from the peak of the horse show. "you have your orders, now please, go along with the mission. If the facility 'is' compromised then abort the mission and return to HQ. That will be all commander"

"But sir.."

"I said that will be all...John!"

"Yes sir" Thompson saluted.

As he walked out of the room and headed out of the high security area, he knew what he was in for, he didn't care what the board though, or his father.

-Priority one:Infultrate the Research Facility, find and collect all data and information regarding Dr.Swanson's Fusion engine.
-Priority Two: Locate and rescue any human entities still within station, unless it compromises primary objective.
-Post Mission Completion: Use Nuclear device to destroy facility if major Kharaa presance.
End Mission Briefing tsa.gif

Thompson leapt out of the command chair just in time to unload 20 rounds right into the face of an attacking skulk. He was short marines because there was a problem warping them in. the several that were already in the room were injured or busy constructing the turrents he'd just deployed. the only thing that mattered now was staying alive.

he was right about the facility, to right. Upon reaching the station and exiting the drop ship, they were immediately in the sh!t, litteraly. as soon as they stepped out of the outer air lock into the main cargo bay, him and his squad of 5 marines stepped onto, "that crap those animals spread" Thompson muttered.

They'd made it 2 room without any kind of presence some of the marines started loosening up, even Thompson started breathing again.

The only thing he didn't regret about the mission was he was approved to select a few specific marines, the rest would be warped in if more were needed.

-Sergeant Torres, a little lazy but a hell of a shot and a strong commander to replace him if something should happen.
-Corporal barber, not the most responsive person in the world, but he was the best nano tech Thompson ever seen
-Corporal Mathews, he was the complete opposite of Barber, always messy, and dumb as a rock, no one could understand how the two became friends. but he always followed orders and understood explosives like the back of his 8 fingered hands.
-Private Strond...Thompson was worried bringing this woman, he had mentioned her but by the time he was able to retract her they order had already gone through. She was tough, real tough. Shes the only woman to ever confront and take down a fade, hel| that's a task for anyone, and he knew her expertise would be vital to this mission.

as they moved though the large structure together, they all spread out in a lose snake formation. Torres, Mathews, barber, Thompson, storand, then some green recruits for the mission, miller or something.

"wait." Barber whispered. "ive got something on tracking.

"What is it?" Thompson said

"i don't know, but its big, ive been monitoring it ever since we got to the station. and the closer we get, the more the more motion its created."

*Flash!* Another marine warped in;thank god, they must have fixed the problem at the other end. Thompson turned to look at the marine, just in time to watch a skulk kamikazie itself into her toso, almost completely ripping her in half, a turrent finally repositioned it self to the skulk invading its territory.

"Die you ****" Thompson whispered.

The small revolving mini gun on the turrent began to spin, milliseconds later it unleashed a fury of round that easily penetrated the skulks skin, it blistered its side first then tore thought its lightly armored skin and shredded the creatures body leaving nothing but a smoking hulk and another dead marine.

He hopped back into the comm chair and reactivated it.

"hello? hello?" command spoke on the other line. "we got the infantry portal activated again, did you recieve private ricks? over"

"Erm...affirmative command, but I don't think shes going to be much good, she was...injured in the teleportation process and is currently receiving medical supervision and is unable to fight" Thompson was lying through his teeth, but he knew there was a higher chance of receiving a new marine this way.

"Roger that" command said, "we will run a diagnostic and send you a marine in 30 seconds, over."

"roger that" Thompson reported

This is was to out of hand Thompson thought. He was spread to thin. he had Storand and Miller at base with a few other marines that had warped in after they set up operations, and Torres, Mathews, and barber were off on the primary mission.

after entering the facility and encountering absolutely no resistance, it appeared to be a cake walk, perhaps they'd missed the aliens, the growth was apparent, but no one was home, and Barbers scans may have been malfunctioning due to the high energy and heat output by the station. but no, it was false hope, as soon as they got to the main security facility and activated the command console everything started going wrong. Hardly anything worked, and when he started the nano construction of the base he could only use the most basic of technology like an armory and some slight armor upgrades.

It wouldn't be enough, they'd found 2 civilians hiding in locked storage room surviving off of MRE's *(Meals Ready to Eat, vacuum sealed food that can last for years at a time) and each others company.

"Torres, report" Thompson said into the microphone.

"Not to good comm, one marine down, Mathews is injured, and the kharaa are just getting more and more hostile as we move to Fusion Core One." He replied. "these marines are pretty green, one of the keeps repeating something about 'god being for us' and he swears he saw a fade. but im not to sure about him comm."

"Affirmative" Thompson said, "im dropping you some med packs now, keep on route to the fusion core, when you reach it contact me, if you need anymore supplies don't hesitate to call. base is almost completely set up and command will be sending us reinforcements ASAP. Thompson out"

Torres look up and a swirl of brilliant blue and white colors filled the ceiling above him. Suddenly 3 medical packs fell to the ground, he handed one to Mathews and stuck the other two in his nap sack. Mathews used the medicine nanos the heal the scratches on his right arm.

"good as new, but a little stiff. You got some icy-hot Barber?" Mathews said with a grin

Barber chuckled. Torres grinned slightly then reminded them that they WERE in enemy territory waved his hand forward to show to proceed.

Torres lead his handful of marines through the facility picking off skulks left and right. he was glad he had the shotgun, it was the best weapon for the skulks, or at least it was HIS favorite.

He raised two fingers the pointed towards a locked door, Mathews and another marine moved to either side of the door. Torres then pointed at Barber then at the security console next to the door. simple enough, the marines at the door would cross up there fire into the room after barber opened the door.

They positioned them selves at the door, and Torres and the remainder of the marines positioned themselves in font of the door making an almost delta formation (^) with Torres at the point, shot gun at the ready.

*Clink* Barber activated the panel, and gave a thumbs up to Torres.

"Do it." Torres commanded. And the doors hissed to slide open.

To Be Continued. marine.gif
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    Don't you just hate it when you atrt to get into a story and then you get TO BE CONTINUED?

    One piece of advice for you. This is bloody good so far, although bit unsure about putting med packs in a napsack, so make sure you continue it!
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    Its uhh...lets see how can I lie about this...its a uhh...Futuristic napsack that umm...when you put somethign in it, it turns into nanites and you can fits dozons of items into it which can be retrieved at command? hows that? lol tounge.gif . i couldnt think of anything else to call it, and that was the first thing that came to mind. thanks for reading!
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    rofl, futuristic napsack!! how about medpacks only recycle if not near a marine?
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    I believe that would be a 'rucksack' as it is called by modern day marines. Good story, but consider using a spell check marine.gif

    *waits for part two*
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    Very nice. I hope Part 2 is out soon.
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    QUOTE (IACA Commando @ Aug 5 2004, 10:56 PM)
    I believe that would be a 'rucksack' as it is called by modern day marines.  Good story, but consider using a spell check  marine.gif

    *waits for part two*

    Sounds about right, ill log that away in the ol' brain for future use.

    Oh and if you guys haven't seen, I posted #2 in a different Topic, so look for it if you dare. Also...IM PROBABLY GOING TO FINISH THE STORY IN THE "PART 2" TOPIC, UNLESS NO ONE HAS A PROBLEM WITH ME POSTING THE 3RD PART IN A NEW TOPIC?
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