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These are fun
"If god be for us then who could be against us?"

Cpl. Suarez always said that to himself before deployment, he even had it written on his armor.

As he looked around the drop ship he thought it over and over, he knew that it somehow had saved him numerous times before. He knew this because when he was done glancing around the crouded room he was the only person there he knew from when he first enlisted in the TSA 2 years ago. God how he missed his old friends and comrades.

All this fresh meat and he was the only one who was spoiled, he knew what they were in for. He'd been listening to his new TSA squad rant and rave about how many each of them was going to kill. Suarez could'nt help but smile, "There so green, but they'll soon learn of the nightmare that lerks in the shadows."

"Sadle up people!" Sarge called, "were live in 5!" Again he looked around the room, but something had changed, he knew what it was, they were getting nervous. He could see it in there faces, those young guns had no idea what would happen after those presure doors open, he could have told them, warned them of the dangers of the aliens, but no, they had shuned him, mocking him because he hadn't "Been through boot." with them, he was an outkast among friends.

"Friends." He thought "Yeah friends." Something else was wrong also, he could'nt understand what but he could feel it, something in his mind was wrong. No matter, business as usual.

The light above the pressure door turned from red to yellow. "One minute." Sarge grunted. Around the room the TSA marines were busy like bees, priming weapons, checking diagnostics, grunting in anticiption, but still...he could sense there nervousness. Fresh meat, green meat, there first mission and its deep inside the quaratine zone.

Some suit and an office found it nessisssary to try a small frontal assult to see how the Kahraa would react to humans closer to what they believed was the source of the infestation.

The first thing that poped into Suarez's mind was "Who are they gonna find dumb enough for that?" Unfortunitly it became Suarez, after his entire team was wiped out in a VIP retreival mission, he was 'lucky' enough to be asigned to this squad.

*BUZZ* The light turned green and there was a loud *HISS*. The doors flew open and the Sarge and 3 other marines lept into the cooridor. "Clear" one of them whispered. Suarez stepped into the cooridor follewed by the rest of the team. It was so very dark, minus the emergency power red strips on the floor which lit the long hallway.

The squad slowly moved through the hallway, moving slowly yet diliberatly. The marines followed the Sarge and redirected there movements as he threw hand signals.

Suddenly there was a slight noise, nothing worthy of beng a threat, but a whisp sound.

"What the he11 was that?" one of the rear marines questioned. "Shut up Jackson!" Sarge said through the mic, even though we all heard it. Sarge patted the air with his hand, signaling them to lower into a crouch.

As Suarez peered into the darkness he saw something moving, was it moving? He couldn't tell, it was SO dark! Dark enough to drive a man insane, but no, he couldn't show that infront of these 'kids'. He pushed through the fear and took a deep breathe. "Suarez, to the front." the Sarge requested on the comm. "Affirmative." Suarez responded.

As he crept to the front of the formation he saw something move again, but..once again he wasnt sure of what it could have been, it was too big to be an alien, but it moved to fast to be anything else.

"What do you think son?" Sarge whispered as soon as Suarez was at his side. "FUBAR sir, I dont like this at all, I keep seeing someth..."

"So did I son...I cant be positive, but..", "Sir?" He asked. "IT could be one of those bipedal b4atards."

Cpl. Suarez froze in place, hed heard stories of the bipedal Kahraa, they were devistating to the marines, hed heard them called 'Fades' before, and without heavy support it almost seemed hopeless.

"What should we do sir?" Suarez asked. "Its like you said cpl, FUBAR. Were getting the he11 out of here, this isnt worth loosing all these men." Sarge said.

"Alright men, full retriet, back to the boat" Sarge commanded.

Suddenly *PING*, something registered on motion tracking, it was headed straight for the squad. Suarez looked up, something was hauling major @ss down the hall way, dnd it screamed, loudly. One of the center marines panacked and raised his rifle, in a fury of bullets he fired half a clip at the phenomina racing towards them, in the blink of an eye the creature some how had dodged all the rounds and was inches from the marine, Suarez looked up in time to see the marine fall back wards, and his head slide off.

Suddenly the creature was gone and there was a dead marine on the floor. The rest of the marines panacked and bolted back down the cooidor for the drop ship. "Move corporal!" Sarge shouted!

Suarez stood up and ran with the squad with sarge behind him. Suddenly there was a scream to the rear, Suarez turned just in time to see two skulks dragging Sarge up the ceiling in there mouths by his shoulders, by the time Suarez raised his rifle they were gone, and Sarge with them. He skipped a few feet looking back then turned to start running again.

The marines were in a frantic run, they were almost to the ship, Suarez could feel the cool air coming from the doors, then...something hit him in the back, it was and unimaginable pain, it dug into his back and he fell onto the floor onto his knees, then to his chest. As his started to black out he saw a skulk run by him, "Little punk of an animal, can't even finish me off." he snarled. Then up ahead his squad was suddenly ambushed by a number of skulks, as they fired there weapons without targetting, they hardly hit any of the aliens, some went down, but it was futile, there were too many.

On top of that he could see it, the Fade, it started walking toward him, its razor sharp blades dripping with blood, yurning for his own. His eyes closed, but before he passed out of counsiousness he heard one last gun blast, then someone pick him up, then numbness, then nothing...

Cpl Suarez woke up 5 days later in an infirmary in a space station, he recognized this place, it was where the drop ship had left for the last mission...the mission. He looked around the new room. He was the only one in the imfirmary, once again he must be the only one left.

He tried to think of his last memory, the sarge, the marines, the Fade. His eyes shot open, THE FADE, then closed again. He rememberd not what he last saw, but what he had last heard. A gunblast, then someone picking him up, and now he was back at the station. He could only speculate, Sarge must have survided the skulks and carried me back to the ship, that must have been what happened! But where was the Sarge?

Again he thought of the Fade, of its blades, the darkness in its eyes, the sheer power and speed of it, its impressiveness as it moved toward him and began to bend over before he blacked out, but then something else entered his mind, the word 'friend', he didnt understand, how could he think of the Kharaa as his friend? Oh well, he was safe now.

As Suarez turned over in his bed he leaned his arm around to his back at an itch, it must have been where an alien had stabbed him, there were bandages and it was sore, he scratched the spot...and the parasite which was nestled in his spine, moved lower to avoid detection of the unknowing marine. tsa.gif


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    Well, it's a good story, all around. The only thing I could find wrong would be the spelling. He11? What? And B4atards.

    I could list them, but I'd rather say this is a good piece of work. Keep writing!
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    start writing!!!!
    “Engagement protocol is pretty simple: if it moves, and it isn’t human, put a lot of lead in it.”
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    QUOTE (Skulkinator @ Aug 2 2004, 08:22 AM)
    Well, it's a good story, all around. The only thing I could find wrong would be the spelling. He11? What? And B4atards.

    I could list them, but I'd rather say this is a good piece of work. Keep writing!

    Thanks guys, i really apretiate you readin it, i mean im amazed anyone did, lol. oh and about my spelling with the numbers...i know i know, but if i woulda put the cuss words it woulda censored them sad.gif , unless thats an option i have on lol, then i truly am an idiot. but yeah, maybe i could conjure another story up! biggrin.gif
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    Very interesting... lookin forward to another installment! skulk.gif asrifle.gif fade.gif
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