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Links, and descriptions
There wasn't a topic like this and I figured we needed one, so here it is.

Natural Selection Arms Lab - Weapon/Player/Building Models, sprites, maps.
Marksman and Editor 321 - Weapon/Player/Building Models, map pack.
Bry's NS - Weapon/Player Models; Artworks; Maps etc.
Daza's Site O' Random Crap - Weapon/Player Modles.
Marr's Hacking Terminal - Ambient Music, Player Sounds.
Dr. Fuzzy's Creations

And ofcourse, there is
this thread.

Feel free to reply to this topic with other sites, and I'll add it to the list.

CustomNS - Sprites, Misc.
CookCookieCooks Model Dump - Player/Weapon Models, sound pack.
Thrill 2 Kill - Weapon/Player Models (downloads are down ATM visit the temp site).
Overmind (Polish) - Maps.
Ready Room - Left hand models pack, various steam skins, wallpapers.
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